Review: B.P.R.D. – Vampire #2

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North

B.P.R.D: Vampire #2 picks up right where the first issue left off, with agent Simon Anders and the Professor sitting down and trying to make the decision of where the agent can go to most efficiently kick the most vampire asses. That place ends up being a creepy little Czech town named Zesky Krumlov that takes a page out of the Wickerman's book by fusing an all-woman population with an almost laughably foreboding atmosphere. But I guess that’s appropriate considering an undead Count by the name of Wilhelm von... You pick: Rosenberg, Eggenberg, Schwarzenberg, has been around awhile so he’s had to change names a lot; apparently several generations of life don’t do much for your creativity.

He put a blood curse on the place... or something. I did enjoy the bit about the guys several different, yet very similar names, it shows that these comics have a sense of humor behind all the brooding and darkness, even if they don’t come right out and say it. It’s nice. Strange things are happening in Zesky and Anders is on top of it, with the help of the homily dressed but classically beautiful museum worker Hana Novarov. He’s going to get to the bottom of the flashbacks that torture him and the serpent goddess behind it all (the man’s going to need a damn good plan.)

Simon gets his tipoff when a creepy old gypsy woman drops a handful of the counts rings into his hand and kick up some more flashbacks that lead him down to the same riverbank we see the bodies floating down in the first issue. It’s neat to see the shots of the same place from the first issue juxtaposed with what it was to become, here, on the bank in the day. The sans-dead bodies river is a much more tranquil place, though still creepy. The couple is led along by a disembodied voice that were led to believe is the late count`s long departed wife to a vampire ruin. Our hero embraces the risk enthusiastically, “Isn’t this dangerous?” Hana questions, to which Anders responds, “You wanted to have an adventure didn’t you?” he should have erred on the side of caution, as the issue ends with the pair falling into the bottom of a spooky old ancient cavern. Oh Agent Anders you brash bastard.

Even though not much happens in this issue much like the first- I anticipate it’s just a slow moving series, I don’t knock it. Mike Mignola and his artists Gabriel Ba and Fabio moon expertly build tension and an ominous atmosphere both through dialogue that is smart and savory and gives you a bunch to munch on the trademark Mignola style art that I enjoy so much. Seriously it’s like a comic strip shacked up with a water color.

The book manages to tease me with just enough content and well written dialogue laced with intrigue to make me curious and the artwork makes certain ill return (to quote Django Unchained's Mr. Candy, “You had my interest, now you have my attention”)

So far these comics have been a nice meaty stew of dialogue, faux history and folklore, spiced up with excellent coloring and illustrations. I’m intrigued, I’m excited, and I’m looking forward to more from Mr. Mignola and his gang.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Mike Mignola, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon

Artists: Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 4/24/13