Review: Haunted Horror #4

Reprinting obscure Golden Age horror, the Haunted Horror series brings some of the oddest stories and art back to today’s comic book stores. 

“Goodbye… World”, opens the issue with an outstanding illustration of three ghastly harpies sitting atop a gallows perched on top of the world and housing a hanged man and woman.  The story from 1953 capitalizes on the atomic scare so prevalent in cinema and culture.  Check the artwork on this short yarn to savor the depiction of the Greek Mythology monsters.

1952’s “The Devil Puppet” uses the Frankenstein’s monster motif to tell the tale of a puppeteer who creates a nasty little addition to his show.  Pinocchio this is not!

“Love from a Plant” gives the Pygmalion/Little Shop of Horrors spin on a horticulturist whose wife is a scold.  When the man grows a loving and defensive plant, the horror begins.

For the Faust influence, check into “The Man Who Beat the Devil” to get a hair-raising tale about a diabolical deal.

Looking like a William Castle creature, “The Groping Ghost” follows a vengeful spirit in a tale of revenge.

“Rider in the Storm” does the haunted hitchhiking woman story in only one page.

Finally, “Terror on TV!” follows a family viewing a monster outbreak courtesy of their television.

Face it; these stories are about as scary as a penguin.  The main reason to check out the book would be the artwork.  The nostalgic draw does play into it, too.  If you do enjoy horror books, you will get a kick from these collections.  If not, then there won’t be a huge draw to get you to turn these pages.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Various

Artists: Various

Publisher: Yoe Comics and IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/24/13