Review: B0vine

I wish that there was more to say about this story other than it being about an intelligent zombie cow, but that is all there is to it. A form of mad-cow infects a lone cow that dies from said infection. The farmers don’t want to lose their entire herd and decide not to report it and deal with the disposal on their own. Too bad their not given the opportunity to do anything about is as the cow gets up and frees itself from the barn and begins munching and infecting the rest of the herd. That’s really all there is to the story. It of course becomes man vs. zombie cow, but I’ll let you read how that turns out for yourself if you’re interested. I had a huge problem with the ending as it is clearly there just to set up a sequel story and makes no sense from a logic stand point. Bullshit sequel aside the action that this person does is just beyond stupid and honestly killed any enjoyment I had with the story.

BovineCoverThe art is very basic. There’s a lot of computer animation used for the story as the cows all practically look the same. The textures used don’t match the rest of the coloring and come across very basic as well. The characters aren’t terrible as there is at least some variety in their design and frame. Their hair on the other hand, looks like an afterthought. I don’t know if it was a texture used or the blur tool in full effect, but it looks fuzzy and fake compared to the rest of the art. It’s really strange and again looks like it was added last.

Again, I wish I had something else to say about this story, but I didn’t enjoy it. What little I did was ruined by the ending and I couldn’t get over the simplicity of the art. If the creative team does plan on making more comics in the future hopefully they’ll use this issue as a learning experience and improve both on story and art. As it stands though, I wouldn’t recommend checking it out unless you are that in love with the idea of zombie animals or received a free copy and have some time to kill.

Score: 1/5

Writers: Matt Etter and Chad Ettelbrick Artist: Lucas Patterson Publisher: Follow Networks Website