Review: Betrayal of the Planet of The Apes #2

Betrayal of the Planet of The Apes #2 from BOOM studios came out this week. As I said in the review of #1 I was looking forward to see how the story progresses. It moves along very well and adds to the story. It didn’t disappoint from the good start the first issue had. Flashback 15 years General Aleron is heading to the caves after Lt. Varus who has killed the humans and disobeyed orders. Aleron tells the rest of the soldiers to head back because he will deal With Lt. Varus alone. Back to present day Aleron is being arrested for the murder of Varus because of what was discovered in the caves. Aleron tries to escape which is full of action, running and stealing horses but gets caught in the end. He is put to trial and found guilty of break the first rule “ape does not kill ape” and is sent to the reef. Dr. Zaius is starting to question why 15 years later this all comes to light and is off to his own exploration of the site where Varus’ skull was found with the bullet hole. The soldiers are trying to find the human Cato was training to talk because he has witnessed what happened to Dr. Cato. The human has found an ally to tell the story too.

Betrayal-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes_2-665x1024The story moves right along without skipping a beat no long pause or getting lost. I enjoyed how it progresses and how all the characters develop and the twist in the plot that are starting to show. It’s very well written and can stand alone. It does leave a cliffhanger to progress the story into the next book and what do certain apes want with Aleron.

The action in the art is captured very well and flow progressively well with the story. I t capture the nostalgia of the Planet of the Apes movie in the 70’s. There still is a lot of attention to detail which is awesome. The coloring and shading add depth to the landscape and scenes of action.

Overall the book adds to the existing and progresses the story very well. I still recommend it to those who want a mini-series to read. I you can find #1 pick it up set up this book perfectly and #2 feed off #1 perfectly. I can’t wait to see how it ends and so far doesn’t disappoint.

Score: 5/5