Review: Transformer #31

Transformer #31 by IDW to describe it the war is over. I’ve been leery of Transformers since the Armada series that was released by Dreamwave. Initially as I started reading I wasn’t too sure it’s mainly a flashback story. It starts out the war is over The Great War, Chaos, everything is peaceful and society has been rebuilt anew. The young ones are asking stories of old from elders and one of those elders happens to be Ironhide, one of my favorite characters. Later is a celebration of remembrance of the hero of past Optimus Prime and others. Ironhide is asked to speak, but if you know him he is not much for speeches since he's more of a fighter. He still believes the Decepticons are still out there and are not truly gone.

TRANSFORMERS_Ongoing_31_cvrBThe best part of this book is the art. The cut scenes to the battles are amazing I would love to have them on the wall of my man room. The colors are vibrant and capture the Transformers G1 series (not the movie) in full action. It reminded me why I love Transformers and why I picked up the reboot from Dreamwave series 1 and 2.

This is a pick up for the cut scene art but nothing else more. The story is nothing much too it and a filler to what is happening next year. After this is the special one shot The Death of Optimus Prime commemorating 125 issues involving Optimus.

Score: 2/5