Review: Big Bastard #2

In the first issue of Big Bastard we were introduced to our conflict which was the release of sealed magic pouring back over the land. We were also introduced to our cast of characters that were being charged with stopping the event and putting things back in its place. They were our chosen ones even if none of them were aware of it. In this issue they begin to come together untied by our big man in green. Their first stop is to pick up the more science orientated member of the group, Donal. Our dude in green, who I’m just going to call Big Bastard, tells him that he can help them put the world back to the way it was if he comes with them. He shoots at the Big Bastard and when the bullet has no effect he puts on some clothes and goes with them. Big Bastard, Donal and Holly the ghost woman then teleport again to pick up Conn and his hound; he’s easily convinced to join them and they’re off again to find the final member of their group, Tadgh,  who is being attacked by some creatures.

With that they begin walking as Big Bastard can no longer teleport having united the team. As they rest for the night they’re attacked by water hounds and our team is put to its first test and like all new teams, they don’t fare well.

The second issue moves by quickly and in a lot of ways felt like an extension of the first issue. With that said there wasn’t a lot of plot covered in this issue. There’s a bit at the end that’s very interesting and leads me to believe that the next issue is going to be big for the story. I am glad that this issue was the second issue and not the first as it follows the formula a lot of superhero stories do in order to put together a new team; if it had started with this it wouldn’t have been very good. With it being the second issue it works and because the conflict is introduced we don’t spend the entire time meeting the team.

Convert JPG to PDF online - convert-jpg-to-pdf.netThis issue did need more reminders of who-is-who. Eventually everyone’s name is said again, but when reading it I forgot what they’re names were at first. I don’t see that being a big deal in future issues, but with the quick introductions in the first issue a refresher would have been nice here. I struggled with some of the dialogue and the lack of knowing what’s going on. In a way that puts the reader in the same situation as the majority of the characters, but a bigger carrot needs to be dangled. There was also some dialogue that didn’t seem necessary to the story and didn’t build the characters up, but otherwise Danny McColgan is getting a feel for the characters and finding their individual voices which will make for great future issues.

The art is also very good. The style is unique as it’s not something I see in comics often, but it’s detailed and stylized at the same time. It’s the right fit for the story as it captures the era and the setting. Neil O’Driscoll manages to make the world look ordinary and yet magical when needed. That may seem like a simple switch to flip, but doing it well takes solid execution.

This is a solid return for Big Bastard, the cliffhanger at the end isn’t the normal cliffhanger making my interest in this series high. It stumbles a little, but overall the series is finding its footing and turning out to be a comic that’s unlike anything else on the market. If anything it should be supported because it’s trying to something new and delivering a solid product for readers to enjoy.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Danny McColgan Artist: Neil O’Driscoll Price: $2.71 (Roughly) Website