Review: Bill and Ted Go To Hell #2

Bill, Ted Rufus, Joan of Arc, Abe Lincoln, and Billy the Kid are in hell. In a water park, made by Napoleon Bonaparte. Who’s taken control of the Underworld. Yup. It doesn’t end there, at least not for Napoleon. He wants access to the upstairs floor of the afterlife and control that as well. He’s deceived Bill and Ted in a most traitorous nature.

Bill-and-Ted-Go-To-Hell-#2-1The thing that continued to jump at me throughout this issue was Brian Joines control of character and their voices. Each one of them bizarre and unique, defined by their own mannerisms, and still giving life to the story and moving it along. Rather than existing in their own strange bubble saying the crazy things they do, they aport to the group and complement each other as a team. They receive more definition, as they’re sent to they’re all sent to the Hell Rooms and each one is individually marked by their history and uses their tragedies and strengths against them. Bill and Ted are dumped into a room together, where Joines is able to make fun of our own time line and hit thee Wyld Stallyns with their biggest fear.

Bachan’s command of panels gives the book a fantastic flow and he nails the expressions on every character, like a confused Bill or a Ted making strangely accurate and perfectly worded remarks. Jeremy Lawson’s colors are vibrant and bring out the attitude in the characters. Napoleon’s smug expressions as he reveals his long con to our heroes.

This is the kind of book that is not ashamed of its source material and taps into it without exploiting it. It creates its own actions and consequences based on the world already established by the movies. It’s a fun read through and through.

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Bill and Ted Go To Hell #2 Writer: Brian Joines Artist: Bachan Colorist: Jeremy Lawson Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/23/16 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital