Trailer Time: Legend from Z2 Comics

If you're looking to pre-order Legend then use Diamond code MAR161911. Otherwise enjoy the trailer and some new pages from the book.

LEGEND, a post-apocalyptic animal story exploring a world ruled by our once-domesticated cats and dogs, is due out this May from Z2 Comics. Though LEGEND tackles some of the important issues facing us today -- religious conflict, opposing political systems, and the environment -- it is an engaging tale told through the eyes of our own best friends. Since dogs actually see the world differently than we do, Chris’ use of color echoes Sam’s subtext, bathing the canine world in a chromatic, saturated glow. Sam who was Chris’ student at California College of the Arts and is an artist himself, and Chris, whose illustrations have appeared in The Atlantic and Wired, have collaborated for a comic that recalls beloved stories while creating something entirely new.

LEGEND 1 - PP 7 LEGEND 1 - PP 8 LEGEND 1 - PP 9 LEGEND_promo cover_koehler