Review: Binary Gray #5

Just recently I finished reading and reviewing the first four issues of Binary Gray and it was a superhero story that surprised me. Basically because it wasn’t a typical superhero story and followed an average man that was given the amazing gift of being able to communicate and control machines. It’s a low-level power if you were to rank it against some others, but it’s still extremely cool. Well writer/creator Chris Charlton was kind enough to give me an early look at the newest issue so let’s get going. I will say that this issue felt the most like a typical superhero story, but that’s okay. If I sat down and read all five issues, this would be a great issue because the action would be hitting after a ton of world building/plot developing and the same could be said if I was following it monthly as well. The Agency has set a trap for the Virtue. They’ve created a conflict using a villain named Sleet, to draw the Virtue out in the hope that Alex will be with them.

Binary_Gray_005_Assailant_Comics-1The story bounces back and forth between Sleet and the Virtue members fighting while Alex and the original Cross talk. It’s a great surrogate father/son moment as Alex is basically welcomed to the team for the time being. The Virtue on the other hand, gets their asses handed to them one by one. Sleet may seem like a cheesy ice villain, but he actually uses his powers with a lot of intelligence and because of his power level he’s able to beat them. That is until the new Cross shows up.

This issue is really good and doesn’t miss a beat in following the fourth. Even though Alex doesn’t take up the bulk of the story, his character development doesn’t stop. We also get to see the Virtue in action and see why Cross is important to the team. The pacing is very good and even though the action is broken up by Alex and the original Cross’ conversation, there’s something about it that works really well.

The story didn’t miss a beat, nor did the art. Everything that was good about the art in the previous four issues is back for the fifth. Roque keeps the action sequences flowing and easy to flow. It really gives the story the appearance of being frantic and calm at the very same time. Sleet has a great character design and the transformation pages were a very cool touch.

Like I said, I had an early look at the issue which is out very soon. If you still haven’t check out the first four issues you may as well grab all five now. I don’t get the impression that the story is going to end in the next issue which I like. I’m so tired of stories written for trade paper backs and thankfully Binary Gray isn’t like that. Check it out and click on the Assailant Comics tag at the bottom for more titles to read.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Chris Charlton

Artist: Rowel Roque

Publisher: Assailant Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/19/13 (Digital Release)