Review: Blackout #3

Blackout left us on a cliff after last month’s issue. Scott or Blackout had a training session go wrong and left him literally in the middle of nowhere; limbo. His suit is out of juice, so now he must use his wits or maybe just pure brut to get out of this limbo. I have a feeling he may learn a lot about both. Although Scott does learn something about his fears, it doesn’t take long for him to get back to reality. He realizes that his suit can absorb energy, so as long as he is around energy he can use the suit. This is good news, but it seems that Scott doesn’t even know how to use the protect that Bob gave him. This could lead to trouble since Mechatronics knows way more than him. The comic takes a dive right into the heart of Mechatronics and my first was thank god they did. Last issue left me wondering why the plot was so scattered. Where was Bob’s story going and how did everything relate? We all have flukes, and right when I thought Blackout was getting over it, my second thought became clear; nope.. He quickly decides to look for answers and they may be hidden in Luca, a scientist working at the company. If it isn’t obvious, I thought we needed to hone in on the story last issue. In a four part series, the ball needs to get rolling. So I was disappointed to read a wasted plot and I could feel this issue falling into that hole again. .

Blackout #3 CoverNumber three packs some action that I think all of the readers have been wanting to see. I think we are all wondering what this suit can really do. I feel like the comic is always falling short of that “thing.” That thing that will make an explosive issue. This time is was both. The plot got back to Bob’s story. I mean he started it all with giving Scott the suit and then disappearing. But we don’t find anything out. Zero information comes out about Bob or what Mechatronics wants with the suit or why Bob chose Scott or who these big bosses rolling into Mechatronics are...I could keep going. I don’t like seeing where something is going and then never getting there. It is like a soap opera where we finally get to something good and then the scene cuts to another story. I can’t enjoy that. Then right when the action is building into an all-out battle; power of suits, it ceases to exist.

I really don’t know if I will be back for this mini series’ wrap up. It will take a complete 180 for me to get into the story. I keep wanting it to work, but I think my hopes have run dry. My hope is that Blackout can deliver on all surfaces. Go back to Mechatronics and have Scott literally live there. He can search files, using his brains, and then attack bad dudes with his suit, all while saving the company and discovering the truth behind Bob. It could be anything, Bob is dead or held captive for his ideas. The suit’s ultimate goal is jump into times and change the past and predict the future to put some D-bag in charge. Anything could work. And then pile all that with kick butt action through the portals. So much could be done, but it needs a start. Give me the 180 I want.

Score: 2/5

Writers: Frank Barbiere, Randy Stradley Artist: Colin Lorimer, Doug Wheatley Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/11/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital