Here are the Prologues and Endings For The "New" Characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV

Hey man I get it. You're busy and you don't have to be playing another update of Street Fighter 4 no matter how Ultra the edition is. But is your heart of hearts you still want to know what the heck is up with the new characters. Well you're in luck. Rolento

God awful voice acting aside, this one makes the most "sense"  with the over all SF storyline and stays true to the character...sorta


Poison is by far my favorite Transgender in any game series. She has the nod to pro wrestling which I love and her ending is off the wall bonkers. Best in show!


What could have been cool ended up being the biggest disappointment out of the bunch. I get it, you were poor and love starch.


I expected nothing and I got her brother showing me the top of his junk box at 0:55. I also hate that she makes new friends through violence.


If you're familiar with the Alpha/Zero series then this angle is no big shocker. I guess it's cool to see Cammy with a little more character development but this is pretty whatever. Killer Bees on the swarm, it ain't safe no more.

Over all the art is still amazing and the English voice work is embarrassing. I really can't wait to see if these fighters are competitive on the circuit.