Review: Super Ego

Super Ego is a superhero comic book, but not a traditional one. Sure it looks a bit traditional on the inside with art that would be fitting for any cape book, but the key difference is that it’s about a psychotherapist… a psychotherapist for superheroes. That premise alone intrigued me enough into checking out this hardcover. The book opens with Dr. Eugene Goodman heading to work for the day. He looks like an average dude as he heads to his garage and finds his grandfather “messing with the car.” He scolds him for being up all night and takes off for work. He’s well respected throughout the building he works in and everyone knows his face… except for his clients. His assistant informs him that his ten o’clock is early and so he puts down his briefcase and pulls out a mirrored mask and places it over his face and assumes the identity of Dr. Ego. The charm of the series is that there’s a catch. Of course there’s a catch, but you’ll have to read it to find out.

Creator Caio Oliveira manages to create a rich superhero world. He uses archetypes from existing superhero comics in order to do so, but it’s the little nuances that he adds that makes it different. There is one character that is without homage. Aside from Dr. Ego, Lester is the most interesting character in the book. He is the love child of a Wonder Woman and Superman type characters that has been rejected by both parents because of the reminder he is to each of their lives. He’s also the most powerful person on the face of the planet.

Super Ego CoverOliveira’s narration is what shines in this story. Dr. Ego narrators throughout the book, but it’s very genuine and sincere. I found myself caring more about his thoughts than the characters he was helping. There is also a bit of humor as well since there is homage being used. That means Oliveira’s take on familiar characters like Iron Man and Superman are intentionally different in order to get a chuckle out of the reader.

Oliveira isn’t just the writer, he’s also the artist. He has a wonderful style that really would fit in with any superhero title on the market. He nails the beef and cheesecake, but not in annoying way. His art is a love note to the genre. The coloring is vibrant and plays a huge role in bringing the world to life. The characters pop from the page making for great action sequences.

It’s risky doing an independent superhero story because A) there’s two companies that have the market cornered and B) there’s been so much homage done already. Super Ego works though. It’s entertaining and the take on the genre is very different. It’s a hard book not to like especially if you like superheroes.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Caio Oliveira Publisher: Magnetic Press Price: $19.99 Release Date: 6/4/14 Format: Hardcover – Print, Single Issues - Digital