Review: Bravest Warriors - Paralyzed Horse Giant

This is the story of a horse, a horse who has seen the entirety of the universe. Who has seen the complexity and vastness of the universe, and is now so in awe of it that he lays still with his eyes open, perfectly paralyzed. Also in another parallel/pocket universe, his spirit is fighting against a massive evil, trying to contain it so our reality isn't destroyed. Also also, he is the loyal horse of the Bravest Warrior Beth. The idea of a comic about this horse will either excite you, or you will roll your eyes and walk away. BravestWarriors_ParalyzedHorseGiant_coverAAnthologies are hard to really review. First there are different writers and artists involved. Second of all, describing a story that is only a few pages long will likely give away the entire plot. There are six stories here, they all feature a paralyzed horse who unless we are viewing things in the other dimension, literally lies there and does nothing. Yet, five of those six stories completely enthralled me. One of them the art and story just weren't my cup of tea. But there are five good stories here.

So what can I say? Well there is a Cthulhu reference on the first page of the very first story. There is a lot of character moments for Beth and Chris. There are more random cameos then I expected. Half the stories are funny, half are more serious, yet I had a smile for them all (minus the one meh story).

I feel like I am struggling here. The humor usually comes from the unexpected so I can't give away the set ups as most of them are actually punchlines that become set ups.

I got it. The stories feel like episodes of Bravest Warriors. The writers get the voices of the characters. The art pulls off the visuals of the show. While reading dialogue I can “hear” the voices from the show.

Plus how many times can you buy a comic about a paralyzed horse? That can't be that large of a market.

Score: 4/5

Words: Various Visuals: Various Publisher: Boom! Studios Cost: $4.99 Release Date: 11/19/2014 Format: One-Shot: Print/Digital