Review: Zombie Tramp #4

There’s a few story arcs or series ending this week, but by for Zombie Tramp was the most rewarding and satisfying to read. Most of it is action, but there is one pretty intense scene at the end of issue that may shock some readers. Personally I thought it was a great scene and made for a great counter to all the action of the issue. ZombieTramp_issue4_cover_regular_solicitThat’s right the bulk of this issue is Janey throwing down with the undead King of Rock’n’Roll. They fight using helicopter blades… I mean do I really need to tell you anything else? They fucking sword fight with helicopter blades!! Elvis vs. Janey!!! With HELICOPTER BLADES!!!! If you don’t want to see that then just give up on the medium.

It’s really hard to think of anything else that I can say about the issue. I’m not joking when I say that the issue is almost all Elvis vs. Janey. The dialogue is solid and we continue to see Janey’s personality grow as she becomes a stronger and stronger character. Her path is an interesting one as she really seems to want to dish out justice and revenge while also grabbing a quick bit to eat.

The final pages in particular deliver a very mature scene and frankly I don’t think a lot of readers will see it coming. Even though this story continues to deliver a well thought out story with deep character development, there’s always going to be a portion of the audience that’s just tuning in for Janey’s fun parts. Hey to each their own, I’m not going to deny that I enjoy that too, but we’ll see how everyone else responds to the scene in question.

After spending a solid four issues with TMChu I’ve come around on his art. I will always place Dan Mendoza in the number one spot, but TMChu has brought his own flair and ownership to the series. The fight is very good, but also kind of drawn out. Hopefully for the next epic showdown TMChu will have a tighter sequence, but overall it was very enjoyable because, yes one more time, Elvis vs. Janey with Helicopter blades. Why aren’t we focusing on that more!!

If you missed this first story arc I would say that it’s worth finding the back issues for and catching up or at least picking up the trade that’s been announced. The story will definitely read well as a trade, but if you can’t wait for it… single issues!

Score: 4/5

Writers: Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin Artist: TMChu Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/19/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital