Review: Bulletproof Chicken Nuggets

It’s been a long year so I can’t for the life of me remember when Bulletproof Chicken released, but if you haven’t read it you fucking should. Bulletproof Chicken Nuggets is a prequel, a sequel and a Jason X/Heavy Metal type sequel all rolled into one… and it’s really fucking good because of that. The big thing about it, is that it’s a parody. The hardest part of a parody is picking the right scenes to parody and that’s something that Jon Westhoff does very well with each chapter of this tale. The first story is a sequel and starts with the cops pinned down and BC showing up in his mini-van, shooting the roof out and fucking up the bad guys. Then his robo-kids pop out of the van and shoot some cops. When asked why… well let’s just say it’s funny. The kids do nothing but swear and at one point they’re shooting each other in the face which was great.

Bulletproof-Chicken-Nuggets-11.17.14The prequel is a spoof of Kickboxer and I think the second Rambo. BP deep fries his fists and really what else do I need to say? It’s funny and there’s plenty of 80s/90s movie references. Bobgar Ornelas’ art is still the best suited for the series and seeing him knock out some younger versions of characters was magical.

The other stories you’ll need to read for yourself.

This book is funny. Like laugh out loud in real life and not just typing it funny. Hell just telling someone about it made me laugh again on our podcast (you can listen at the bottom). Westhoff covers all the stories with some help from Mat Nixon on the sequel, but overall he’s running the show and he really brings out the laughs. As I said on the podcast I would continue to read this story even if it made zero sense. I just want to see these characters continue to take on other movies, but then remain the same character at their core. Like their history doesn’t get erased it’s just gets muddier and more complex.

The art throughout the issue is very fitting for each chapter. I liked Mat Nixon’s art as he captured some iconic scenes from the RoboCop franchise, but then Ornelas’ because the art is very good, but makes me laugh just from looking at it. When you can do that then you know you’re on to something. Ray Wegner’s approach was different, but it really vibed with the last story. It played on the genre it was going for and that made it the right fit.

If you want to laugh, like actually laugh, but then also be entertaining by a well put together anthology then check out Bulletproof Chicken Nuggets. If anything you should buy it because the title is fun to say and you want to hold on to it to show your kids years down the road. #Titties

Score: 5/5

Writers: Jon Westhoff, Mat Nixon Artists: Mat Nixon, Bobgar Ornelas, Jon M. Lennon, Ray Wegner, Various Publisher: King Bone Press Price: $3.99 Format: One-Shot; Print Website