Review: Captain Midnight #3

Well this series is starting to heat up! Dark Horse and this series have been hinting about a shared superhero universe and labeling things with “Project Black Sky.” The biggest piece of the puzzle falls into place with this issue and the world of Captain Midnight gets a whole lot bigger. The issue kicks off with Lady Shark talking about her father and how he was a genius and showing all the evil things that he did in the name of science. She says that he always said that he felt Midnight would one day respect him at least, but that she felt that wasn’t true because he watched him get eaten by Polar Bears… which is still funny. The rest of the story is pretty easy to figure out as the Captain must of course save Charlotte and escape. The other side of the story is actually more interesting as it reveals another layer to the plot that as the reader you’ll never see coming. I know you’re thinking I already told you, but I didn’t.

I like this series, but there are things that bother me. I don’t mind that’s its cheesy at times in fact I like that, but I don’t like this angle of Captain Midnight and Charlotte having a relationship and her ex-husband acting as the third wheel. I get that she looks like her grandmother, but it really cheapens the all of the character relationships. Her simple kiss on the check completely went against the character of the women that basically grew up hearing about this man and became sick of even hearing his name. It also shows that CM is willing to move on to any hot dame and completely forget and ignore his relationship with her grandmother and it just snowballs from there when you include Charlotte’s ex who’s a huge CM fan. The thing is, there isn’t a lot of focus on it, but it’s enough to stand out and really bother me. Also the ex’s basically putting their jobs on hold to help CM was beyond convenient.

Captain Midnight #3 CoverI enjoy the world that Williamson is crafting, but I’m not in love with it and see potential storylines brewing that I can’t say I would be interested in. I liked the loner CM that built a super jet in three days and is willing to punch anyone that talks shit to him. The aspects of the plot that were added in this issue are interesting and will definitely keep me coming back, but the character’s relationships are actually starting to get in the way of the story.

The art continues to be great on this series. Dagnino can draw a mean Polar Bear and though I don’t know why they’re so hungry for human flesh, I really don’t care either. Lady Shark is a great character as she looks and acts like the Baroness from G.I. Joe, but is in charge of her own destiny… or so it seems for now. The action scenes were great looking and continue to be easy to follow.

Any new series is bound to have its hiccups and for me there might be one or two for this book, but not enough that I would walk away from it. For me I’d rather get to know the characters through their actions on their adventures rather than their strange Indiana Jones moments after the action is done. It could just be me of course, but overall I’m still really enjoying the title and will continue to do so.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Fernando Dagnino Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/25/13