Review: Captain Midnight #8

I have really been into Dark Horse Comics' commitment to superheroes that they have done with Project Black Sky. It has been quite good. And as they add more titles to it, this world continues to expand, making it all the better.  Of course, their first submission to this commitment is still the best. In Captain Midnight, a classic hero from the 1940s has been literally brought back from the past to deal with threats of the present. The first seven issues and Free Comic Book Day offerings of this title  have been filled with masterful storytelling, excellent art that adds a boldness to the characters, and a continuum that gains momentum with each passing issue. Issue eight continues in this vein and adds additional meaning to the title as the reunion with Jim Albright's past love finally occurs. What starts as general chit-chat however, quickly becomes the story of what happened to Chuck, Captain Midnight's sidekick and best friend. Details are provided with an answer given that the Captain just cannot accept. It affects his psyche and gives us the readers some insight on how Albright views his friends, adding another piece to the puzzle related to why things are the way they are. After this issue, Captain Midnight is ready to throw caution to the wind and take the battle to Fury Shark herself. Consequences be damned.

Captain Midnight #8 CoverJoshua Williamson has been writing some top-notch scripts with this title that resemble the flow of an old serial action story. That would've been entertaining enough, but an additional step is taken that really fleshes out the characters and their motivations nicely. Williamson is a top writer and it is fully displayed within these pages.

Frenando Dagnino has taken the artwork of Captain Midnight and he has managed to display an old war movie feeling of stoicism while adding present day super looks to the characters making for a sensational read. With this particular issue, Dagnino's renderings really brought out the story, and I believe it is helping to prepare us for the next installments that Project Black Sky has to offer in the coming months.

If you are not following Captain Midnight or Project Black Sky, now is a perfect time to climb on board. Things are preparing to get active and you won't want to miss any of the action or excitement that promises to be delivered in coming issues.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Fernando Dagnino Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/26/14