Review: Chew #40

Reading comics are for enjoyment for most of us that's why they are out there. This one has my attention again. I read it twice, that’s right twice, to get the full experience and so I didn’t miss anything. I enjoyed every minute of it. After eating a psychedelic plant cooked in a psychedelic sauce, you don’t want to know what it’s made from; Tony meets up with Toni on planet Atlilis-738. After explaining that she would observe this planet from her post in the Amazon, one of the other posts assigned to observe as well, saw something strange. There was a fiery red script across the atmosphere that then disappeared. There was another sighting later on, but BOOM the planet was gone.

Before we could find out more John interrupts wondering why Tony was not answering his phone. John takes one look at Tony and asks if he’s stoned, Tony say he is super fucking stoned but that Toni says' he's okay to help him. As they bolt out the door John takes a bite of the concoction and they are on their way. They are off to a bust. The bust involves Branston Armitage IV who made a pickle so sour that it’s deadly and now they have to shut him down. All he was doing was trying to improve his great-grandfather's recipe. Tony and John reach their destination and after their case file attacks them they go in for the capture. They fight through the lunar security squad, the sheep brigade and the pillow platoon. They find out they are in the wrong place, but something is still going on here as a chicken feather is found.

chew40-coverThis story is just great and weird and fun at the same time. It progresses well from the last issue and gets you right into the heart of the action. The creativity behind the whole story and the characters is just amazing and really what’s not to love? Death by a pickle that is so sour and delicious what a great idea.

What really brings the story alive is the art. Aside from seeing Guillory draw an alien planet, he shows everything Tony is going thru while trippin’ and the colors are vibrant and alive. It also adds to the humor that goes with the story. I wish I could describe it but I can’t do it justice.

Pick up this book; sure it’s at the end of the story arc but you’ll get on the train and ready for the next one. If anything you can at least enjoy the humor, art and fun of this issue. Its pure entertainment and isn’t that why we read comics anyway.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Letter: John Layman Artist/Colorist: Rob Guillory Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/26/14