Review: Clone #17

Well I’m getting to the point that reviewing Clone is harder and harder as I don’t know what’s too much of a spoiler to talk about. These past two issues have been heavy with story and intense scenes, this issue especially. I mean the ending alone… fuck’n aye! If you didn’t read the last issue you’re about to read a spoiler.

While rummaging through a cabin in the last issue Amelia was shot. This was possibly just before she was going to be killed by the she-clones, but we’ll never know as a father and son hiding in a closet let her have it and shot her. Now one of Luke’s clones named Colin helps her with his paramedic training. The scene is intense as Luke is crying and panicking over his wife and Beta and Meiko argue over what to do with the father and son. It’s one of the best openings of the series because the back and forth nature really does give you a sense of panic.

Meanwhile our tattoo’d clone has infiltrated the coalition and is actually sitting in the middle of a meeting. He daydreams about beating the living piss out of everyone in the room, but instead sits silently waiting for the big fish to show up.

The story also checks in with the crazy woman who tried to have a baby with Luke… and kill him. That was a weird sentence to write let me tell you. You may be asking what’s so important about her character, well this issue answers that question and you’ll be left screaming at your comic book.

Clone17_Cover copy 2Another great issue of Clone. What I’ve noticed about this arc is that the pacing is a bit different from the last arc. With the first arc you never had the chance to catch your breath, but it was mostly due to the action. This volume the writers have created a new type of intensity and it’s all in the drama. This issue is rich with drama. I do like that fact that more and more clones are stepping out into starring roles as it gives the story a twist and we finally get to learn what all these clones can do.

I would watch Juan Jose Ryp draw paint drying. I know that’s a dumb sentence, but that’s how enthralled I am by his artwork. It’s incredible and frankly I’ve run out of things to say about it. I’ll just say that he’s one of my top five all time talents.

What else is there to say about colorist Andy Troy’s work either? He continues to make Ryp’s artwork wonderful and bring the world to life. Seventeen issues in and the series looks exactly the same as the first issue. That’s pretty freaking incredible.

Clone is just a must read at this point. It’s crazy at times, but the drama and the action make it one of the best comics on the market. It has reached that pinnacle in which nothing more than “read it” needs to be said about it.

Score: 5/5

Writers: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre Artist: Juan Jose Ryp Colorist: Andy Troy Publisher: Image/Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/4/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital