Review: Clone #6

Via reviewer Sergio Porras

Every week I look forward to going to my local comic shop and picking up my weekly pull. This week is no different, except of the 21 issues that I will be picking up, Clone #6 stands out above them all. Granted, I'm writing this review and have read the issue before it’s graced the racks of comic shops everywhere, but that’s how awesome this issue and the whole fucking series for that matter, really is. I'm that stocked to buy the physical copy just so I can read it a third time.

The issue starts off with a chase that leaves Luke fenced in and surrounded by a dozen or so clones aiming assault rifles at him while his father explains to him that he can’t leave because Luke has been revealed as the alpha original and is not one of the clones. Although he is the original, Luke has no interest in sticking around to let his father run any of the tests for a DNA study, Luke is more focused on finding his wife and newborn child now more than ever. In other news, a report of Vice President Charles breaking with his political party to vote against the ban of embryonic stem cells has emerged all over mainstream media. Secretary douche bag, I mean Davis, has sent his people in to kill the Vice President’s daughter, but Sanah has already beat Davis’s team of doctors to her and has taken her into protection, but not before a full on doctor beat down. When Davis gets word that they were unsuccessful in taking the Vice President’s daughter out he tells them to stand down and do nothing to fix the situation because he has someone new, a ruthless and young clone of Luke.

Back at the compound Luke is trying to escape once again. This time Jennifer is there but she has no intention of stopping him. Instead, she helps Luke by giving him the directions to a truck stop diner where she has arranged for him to meet someone who works for the cloning program and has information on where they’re transporting his wife and newborn daughter. Taking any lead he can, Luke travels to the diner but little does he know that Davis’s secret weapon has already taken Jennifer’s contact hostage and is en route to the diner to meet with Luke.

Getting lost in Juan Jose Ryp’s art is very easy to do. The amount of detail that goes into each panel on every page is captivating. It took me about 35 minutes to get through the issue because I found myself examining each page multiple times so I could really appreciate the art of the book. Without ruining too much, there is a page with a shootout scene where Ryp’s attention to detail stands out as you see bottles breaking, glass flying everywhere, and my personal favorite effect of the bullet trajectory.

Although Clone #1 sold out and went into a second printing, the series has probably seen its numbers drop a bit because you can walk in to just about any comic shop and find back issues for issues 2-5. With that being said, make sure you pick up these issues because the epic cliffhanger that wraps this issue up is going to set up one hell of a story for issue #7 and on.

Score: 5/5

Writer: David Schulner

Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Publisher: Skybound and Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 4/24/2013