Review: Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #3

You have got to be on top of your Shakespeare in order to get all the elements of this comic. Literally you need to passionately kiss him and move your way to the bedroom. I feel like Shakespeare would have been like Beyonce: while having sex she listens to her own music. Seriously. Shakespeare would have wanted the audio book of his plays in the background while he got down and dirty. I just know it.

This comic is amazingly awesome. If you love Shakespeare and his characters then you will love this comic. I haven’t read the previous the Kill Shakespeare comics but I soon will. In case you are like me then just start right now on the newest volume of this series. Romeo, Othello, Juliet, and Hamlet (my personal favorite) are on a quest to find William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is their God and they follow his word to the end. Who are the villains? Lady Macbeth, also known as the most badass woman who has ever graced the pages of a book. 

Hamlet and Othello’s story line picks up where it left off. They have been captured by Lady Macbeth. She disguised herself as Miranda in order to draw Shakespeare’s creations to the magical island of Prospero. Romeo has no idea what is going on. He is so elated after sleeping with Juliet, his former true love. She has been going with Hamlet up until last issue. Romeo wakes up and swears to protect his love forever and never to lose her again. Juliet wakes and doesn’t remember a thing. She acts like a typical drunk girl and blames it on the water she drank from the island, which is true. The water does contain spells. Juliet’s heart belongs to Hamlet and Romeo only accepts this in order to be close with Juliet. Now, they are on the hunt to find Hamlet and Othello. Lady Macbeth has come back to the island to see how her teacher, Prospero is doing and to grant him Shakespeare’s power of creation if they defeat him. Prospero is more powerful in this comic than in the play. I pictured him as a little pansy. Instead he holds so much magic even Lady Macbeth is scared of this dude. Miranda is exactly like her character from the plays; she is weak and does whatever father says.

The comic truly starts with Feste sitting in a bar. Shakespeare is performing at the bar as a comedian. He has done a 180. Who better to remind Shakespeare of the fouls in life than Feste? Shakespeare has been avoiding his responsibilities with trying to think happy thoughts and Feste pretty much reminds him that life sucks but deal with it and certainly don’t avoid it. Old Will is off to find his creations in order to save them. Prospero and Lady Macbeth now plan out their fight against Shakespeare.

I love how raw the pictures are in this comic. It draws me into the play and I can’t stop thinking I should drink poison or stab myself with a dagger in order to fit in. I can’t wait for the big fight scene.  I love Shakespeare and I am wondering why it took me so long to pick up this comic. So don’t miss out on this newest installment.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col

Artist: Andy Belanger

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/24/13