Review: Conan The Avengers #10

After the cliffhanger splash-page introduction of Thoth-Amon, it was clear we were going to need to dedicate some pages to find out more about this character. Luckily Fred Van Lente only uses three pages and they are interesting and not info-dumpy. Then we get back to Conan and after one page he is being attacked and the action ramps up and doesn't slow for the whole issue. Conan-the-Avenger-#10-2-4-15This issue packs in a hell of a lot. Fred Van Lente has applied the gas and is not letting up. I'm not gonna spoil any of it for you guys. If you haven't jumped on this series yet, now is the time. This issue gives you all the back story required to enjoy what happens within it. You may not know all the characters but you can understand all their motives from the narration and dialogue. As always Van Lente leaves the issue in a place that makes you want to jump straight into the next.

The art in this issue was awesome. There's a nice double-spread page and two splash pages that really show off Brian Ching's style. Every issue of this comic has somebody being shot with arrows, impaled by spears and/or slashed by a sword. It's vivid and it's awesome. Still not sure how I feel about Brian’s Conan, his eyes in this issue come across very feminine in more than a few panels.

There are actually three cliffhangers in this issue, the usual one at the end of the issue. But also the two splash-pages that are placed so you have to turn the page for. This gives them a lot of impact.

One thing against this issue though is the disappearance of Diana. What happened to her? Weren't the two sisters reunited last issue?

Score: 4/5

Writer: Fred Van Lente Artist: Brian Ching Colorist: Michael Atiyeh Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/4/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital