Review: Vampirella #9

There are conspirators in the midst that are wreaking havoc upon the human race.  What separates these conspirators from your standard lot is that these are immortal conspirators.  They aren’t dying and they aren’t going anywhere.  And there lies the problem.  Through their efforts, the unleashing of a dread virus that works kind of like Rabies and kind of like a zombie virus has been released by these conspirators in the hopes that they will receive some bargaining power allowing them to possibly end their immoralities which have been given to them as a curse for their ills.  Makes sense to me. What also makes sense to me has been the well written and strong presentation of the All New Vampirella written by Nancy A. Collins and drawn by Patrick Berkenkotter. Now, in their second story arc, we find our lady of the night working with a secret society of supernatural regulators called The Kabal in their hunt to find the conspirators and unravel the mystery of the virus and its end game.  During the last issue, focus was on one Dr. Faustus who appeared to be the instigator of the virus.  Things happened during that issue and the good (bad) doctor was captured.  With that capture, it became known that the virus had more involvement than just Dr. Faustus.  There are in fact three persons involved in this plot. Up next for The Kabal with this issue, the legendary sorceress and mythological mistress of infanticide Medea.

VampiVol2-09-Cov-A-MayhewAs with the previous arc, the locales have been changing with each issue as Vampirella with the French Werewolf Tristan with her, travel to The Mediterranean in search of this new threat.  The whole issue plays out like a supernatural spy thriller fresh with action, excitement, and secrets.  All in all, it is a pretty entertaining romp that continues to entertain.

Writer Collins is finding a steady groove in her writing of Vampirella and it shows in her presentation of the character.  Vampirella herself who started this series unsure of herself, is now beginning to find her strength and wield some serious power that she has been steadily gaining with each issue.  It’s been a fun maturity process that has been entertaining to read.

Artist Partrick Berkenkotter has also been doing a strong job in rendering Vampirella’s maturity increase as each issue passes.  Initially drawing her as kind of soft, recent issues have begun show more teeth (pun intended) as we are seeing a being who is beginning to wield the power that she has within her with confidence.  Here she does some good battle with the likes of a minotaur and a hydra in her pursuit of this wicked witch of the Greek Isles.

The only real knock that I had with this issue was that it felt a little bit rushed.  Things play out reasonably enough. And we receive the name of the final conspirator that goes way back in time to the days of yore.  But it felt like time was running out quicker than it should. So a hasty wrap up was done rather than working to establishing stronger reasons for Medea’s involvement.  Last issue, I felt myself actually feeling some remorse for Dr. Faustus.  Not so much with Medea though.  Her story was fast and furious with no real-time to evaluate.

Even so, I do recommend this title as I have been impressed overall with it from top to bottom.  The writing has been sound, the art superb, and the story itself one that is entertaining and educational at the same time.  It is well worth the time and investment.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Nancy A. Collins Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter Colorist: Jorge Sutil Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/4/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital