Review: Creeple Peeple #2

Creeple Peeple #2 picks up right where the first issue left off: our scientist trio wakes up to find themselves surrounded by strange but seemingly harmless creatures. They look a bit like goblins but with neon Troll Doll type hair. It’s great. T-Ray, Spigs, and Peabo try to figure out who to blame while also trying to decide how to deal with their creation. Their attempts to act normal do not exactly go well. Then, overnight, the creatures- by now dubbed the “Creeple”- turn into evil, hungry monsters. We’re not yet sure what caused the switch, but we do later find out what the Creeple are made of: they are part primate, part feline, and part dragon. The Creeple are able to bring inanimate creatures to life, such as the statue of the school’s mascot and a handful of gargoyles. It just kind of happens.

CreeplePeeple02_cvrOur scientists are handling this chaos pretty well, all things considered. They’re more concerned with controlling the situation than with, say, personal safety. I admire that. They’re not just scientists, they’re adventurers.

This comic is crazy. The Creeple are crazy. They’ve literally got dragon in their DNA; it’s no big deal. At one point the Creeple become a skateboarding gang and I think I fell in love at that moment. Then they got segways and I was truly sold.

Well, okay, not completely sold. Creeple Peeple’s art is good, and the overall story is certainly entertaining. But a lot of the dialogue, the expressions used, and the interactions don’t feel organic. There are moments in the dialogue that read a bit like a ‘90’s sitcom: rather staged. It somewhat works for this ridiculous comic, but it’s disarming at times, especially if a character is referencing Twitter or hashtags in the same breath.

There’s something perhaps a bit more ominous brewing, but so far Creeple Peeple is just a fun read. It doesn’t try to over-explain or even justify its chaos, and I’m nodding along with every outlandish moment and every absurd decision made in this comic. This issue was a prime example of “that escalated quickly,” which I really enjoyed.

Score: 3/5

Creeple Peeple #2 Writers: Matt Anderson, Patrick Pidgeon Artist: Tim Lattie Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/25/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital