Review: Critical Hit #4

Well then… where do I start? I’ve had a busy few months and as such I’ve missed a few reviews one of which was the previous issue of Critical Hit. That was a dosey of an issue… until I read this issue. Holy shit doesn’t even begin to describe the events here and I will do my best to keep it spoiler free because it really is an issue you need to read for yourself.

What I’ve really liked about this new series is that aside from the message about animal cruelty, Sarah and Jeanette have been able to develop a friendship. In this issue, it becomes more than that though. They become partners in crime and dare I say family to one another.

CriticalHit04_presscopy-cover1The issue begins with them still locked in the shipping container preparing to fight for their lives. Sarah manages to move the desk in front of the opening so when drunken asshole #1 comes back to finish them off he has a hard time getting in. Problem is Sarah’s brought a knife to a gun fight.

The other part of the story is a flashback of when Sarah and Jeanette began working together and really when they became friends. It serves as just that because there really isn’t much else to gleam from it other than a phobia of Jeanette’s.

The meat and potatoes of the issue happens in the present and a bigger story unfolds. I mean a much bigger story. Like, holy shit, where can this story possibly be going from here!?! I liked the ending. It was a perfect transition from this arc into what’s potentially the next arc.

A lot of that came from the art. The flawless overlay of the narration on top of Jonathan Brandon Sawyer’s artwork was like a TV drama transition. The art for this series in general has been very strong with rich backgrounds and plenty of facial expressions to sell the intense moments to the reader. The line work is clean and crisp and the coloring never drowns that out. The coloring is rich and overall clean. It might not make any sense, but its smooth looking. I don’t know how else to describe that, but Doug Garbark does a great job.

This issue is really good. I wish that it hadn’t focused as much on the past, but really that’s a minor issue. The story has severe consequences for the series and there are elements added here that are not only interesting, but have me on the edge of my seat. I want to see how this plays out. I want to see what the mindset for our two protagonists will be after this issue. How will they change? What will they do next? Will they still be recognizable to us in the coming issues? I have no answers for these questions and that’s why I’ll be back for more.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Matt Miner Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer Colorist: Doug Garbark Publisher: Black Mask Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/11/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital