Review: Critter #3

Critter is a generational superhero book from Big Dog Ink. What I mean by generational is that Critter is a second generation superhero that has begun learning the ropes of the superhero trade. What I really enjoy about Critter is that it has a Saturday morning cartoon feel where the consequences don’t get in the way of a good story and crazy events. Basically think about a comic book pre-2000’s and how no one cared about the cost of repairing a city and you have Critter. With this issue we see a country wide attack from the sea dweller Rip Tide and for once someone ruling under the ocean doesn’t look like a GQ dude, but rather a sea creature. But this is just the back drop as Critter’s future is being changed and Paradox becomes very concerned by her tardiness to the battle. In the end Critter arrives in time to still save the day, but is again attacked by the crazy chick from the previous issue that has it out for her. It’s a cool scene because it shows how deranged the character is that she’s willing to put herself in harms reach to attack Critter in the middle of a huge battle. Hutchison builds up the supporting cast for Critter which gives the world a bigger feel. I think that’s another that this book does well. It has slowly created a world with superheroes and shown their existence, but hasn’t slammed them down your throat. It’s something other indie superhero books fail at as they want to create a lush world of superheroes like the “big two”, but you need to start slow and build up and that’s where Critter excels.

critter3covercombo copyThe art continues to be really good and just fits the books story and tone. Artist Ossio is still the best addition to this series and has really taken ownership of Critter and the supporting cast. In particular Rookie has become an interesting character and the creative team finds interesting things to do with her light based powers. It gives her character a bit of a Green Lantern feel, but without any of the Corps business to get in the way. Ossio also excels at making the back grounds interesting and full, the world always looks alive and that’s very enjoyable when reading.

If you’re looking for a superhero book that just focuses on being a hero, beating the bad guys and doesn’t worry about collateral damage, police interference and most of all mega-super crossover events then pick up Critter asap. It’s a fun book that still takes the world and the danger very seriously, but it captures a different experience when compared to other superhero books today. I wouldn’t call it old-fashion as some might say, but it just doesn’t focus on cramming the real world into the book but rather lets it be a good work of fiction.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Tom Hutchison Publisher: Big Dog Ink Price: $3.99