Review: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! – Ep. 1

If you are an anime fan you have likely watched Sailor Moon or some other magic girl show. If you have ever enjoyed one, watch Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! If you thought magic girl shows were silly and needed to be mocked, watch Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

If you just need a fun show, watch Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Can you notice a theme here?

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a new magic girl show. With the only catch being that the characters are boys, not girls. Every other rule applies. Weird animal that can talk and knows what is going on appears, this time being a pink wombat. Wonderfully elaborate transformation scenes for each character happen right as the fight is about to begin. And the power of LOVE wins the day. It is everything you would expect in a magic girl show. This makes it marvelous.

So we have five boys who fit a random generality. One loves animals, one is a giant flirt, one is great with money, etc. These boys are in a school club that is built around avoiding being in a school club. They are all generally lazy when it comes to this part of their lives, even though all of them spend a lot of time with their general pursuit. These boys meet a talking pink wombat, who generally harasses them until the monster of the week shows up. The wombat then grants each boy magic powers and the show is off and running.

And that is the episode. Introduce characters. Pink wombat arrives. Monster arrives, powers are granted, and then fights. By the time each boy says their Princely LOVE name and transforms, you will be completely sold on this show. If you are not, please seek immediate medical help. There is something severely wrong with you.

I really don’t want to spoil much here, but seeing the characters reactions to every magical aspect of the show made for so many laugh out loud moments. We always see the protagonists freak out a little when meeting the magic, but this felt like a “realistic” response to it all. Not that the show didn’t move past just parody. There are some good character moments outside of the cliché magic girl plot points. The monster was very well done, and tied into the random conversation the show started off with.

I love this show already and have only seen the first episode. If you need a good laugh, watch it now.

Score: 5/5

Studio: Diomedéa Publisher: FUNimation