Review: Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo

Are you familiar with Cyanide & Happiness? More than likely you’ve seen their comic strips on the internet or the multitude of apps and other websites that feature their work or even their youtube videos. If you haven’t then you do not use the internet enough, which I’m not saying is a bad thing. Punching Zoo is the first BOOM! printed collection of Cyanide & Happiness strips and it’s what you’d except from such a collection. For new readers its jam-packed with strips that you’ve never read and faithful readers will chuckle once again at strips that previously supplied amusement. In a lot of ways it’s like buying a Scholastic collection of your favorite newspaper strip, but if you’ve ever read C&H then you know that it would never make it into the paper… unless they were looking to go out of business or something.

There are however thirty new strips that the crew have concocted for this collection so even if you’re too familiar with the other strips, there is something for you to check out.

In addition to the newness there’s a “Chew Your Own Adventure” story in the back that is worth a read. The gist is that you’re a bad parent and wish that you never had your kid… it’s called “The Hot Date”, because daddy’s got a hot date.

For the unfamiliar you should be told about the art. It’s what we around her call stickman level three. They’re kind of stickman looking, but there is a style and craft to C&H that is very recognizable. There can be very little detail to the strip and then there can be a lot, like when there’s a sexy close up on a mouth or something.

If you’re offended easily than don’t even bother reading this trade.  No really, I’m sure the creators have heard every criticism under the sun and they’re still going strong so save your breath. I mean unless you want to buy a bunch for a book burning which really would just help the sales and inspire them to make another collection which I’m totally cool with. Put it on the youtube.

With any collection of short form storytelling you really can only read so much before you become punch drunk and the jokes reduce you to just a smile so don’t blaze through the collection, savor it like a chilled pop of your choice (yeah POP, deal with it SODA drinkers).

It’s a good collection and a lot of fun if you’re into the bizarre and offensive humor that it has to offer.

Score: 5/5

Creators: Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave (none of which apparently have last names) Publisher: BOOM!/ BOOM! Box Price: $14.99 Release Date: 9/10/14 and 9/30/14 (Bookstores) Format: TPB