Review: Damaged #2

Damaged_issue1coverAre you a cop? Are you sick of all the horse shit policies and loop holes in the system that the fat-cats love to exploit? Then you should take justice into your own hands, like the guys in Radical’s Damaged do! Frank is fresh off the discovery that his ass kicking brother Henry is back in town doing his vigilante thing. Now face to face, the two brothers attempt to talk things out. But then Lt. Cassidy shows up and tries arresting Henry. But sly old Henry has other plans. He creates a distraction by blowing up a boat and flees. Cassidy begins to chase Henry down but Henry works his tactual magic and tools Cassidy like the cardboard cutout of a character that he is.

Back in his shithole motel, Henry reminds himself of the good old days when he kicked all kinds of ass and didn’t even break a sweat. But now he fears that his aging body might not be up to snuff.  Soon his mind drifts back to the scenario that made him the man that he is today.

Basically back in the ‘70’s the brothers were on the force and discover a high and powerful pedo ring. The law couldn’t touch these scum bags so the brothers extracted their own brand of justice.

Now Henry wants to set ass kicking back into motion one more time. If not him, then perhaps a cop by the name of Isaac Lordsman ; who happens to be on trial for using the full extent of the force.

Damaged #2 isn’t a bad book per say, it’s just kind of boring. The back story between Henry and Frank is cool but that’s about the only real interesting thing. It acts like a small origin story so you can appreciate or despise how the brothers got to the point that they are in their lives and how each one of them represent the extremes’ of justice,  one by the book and the other by the body count. (Trade marking that line)The real problem is that every single panel with Lieutenant Cassidy just plain sucks; he’s more of a bad over the top “got to get my man by any means necessary” stereotype than a character. Even the dinner waitress has to tell him to stop being such a vocal dumbass. In most panels, he’s used as a measuring device to show the reader how old Henry and Frank are. The guy is just always on and it’s pretty annoying.  The pacing of the overall story is okay, you do get to spend a little time with Henry, who reminds you of Frank… Frank Castle that is. Yeah, that’s right, you can’t have and older buff gentleman with guns and a gruff attitude in any other comic book. If you do he will get compared to The Punisher. Sucks huh?

Overall Damged #2 is okay, but just okay. It lays down some interesting ground work but nothing you can’t see coming. It all really depends on what they end up doing with it.

Score – 2/5