Review: Hellraiser #4

Hellraiser_04_CVR_AThe first three issues have consistently raised the bar for this series, but the fourth issue hits a plateau as it transitions into the next plot line. Finally though, we get that intense meeting between Pinhead and Christy that the series has been building towards with the first three issues. In the last issue we saw Christy’s fiancé open the box as he crossed a bridge which sent his taxi into the air as the chains were released. This issue begins with a subterranean dweller finding the box below the raised taxi; he brings it to his father the king of the underground society but soon they discover that death follows too. We then see Christy identifying her lover’s dead body and finally accepting his marriage proposal. Afterwards, she disbands her team as she seeks her revenge. There’s a lot of sharp dialog as the group goes back and forth at each other. Ultimately though, Christy goes on her own to find the box while her team attempts to find the man who delivered it to her dead lover.

There are some really good scenes and great character moments in book, but it’s hard to find anywhere to go up from the last issue. The introduction of the subterranean society is very random and really only served to break up the action from Christy and her gang. The action and gore continues to be amped up far exceeding any Hollywood budget which really makes the issue enjoyable.

In general the writing and art are still very good and very consistent; there are no major grips or issues and the book leaves on another successful cliffhanger that will have me and other readers waiting for the next chapter of the story. Until then remember to bring the box.

Score: 4/5