Review: Danger Club #5

It’s been a while for this series, but I’m always glad to see its return. I’m beginning to think that there is no happy ending though as events from the previous issue remains… current. Additionally, some bad shit happens in this issue that I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk about without spoiling it, but we’ll see. While this issue was good and enjoyable it was lacking that certain charm that made the first four issues so memorable. I don’t know what it was exactly, but only the last three pages captured the original magic.

As with all issues of Danger Club, the issue begins with a retro flashback explaining some element of the character’s past that plays a role in the current storyline. With this one we learn the origin of Jacky Fearless and you could miss it if you’re not paying attention. From there we watch the broadcast of all the murders and deaths that President American Spirit has caused including the death of Kid Vigilante. Afterwards, Jacky is handcuffed and lead back to the oval office with the evil Prez where he’s asked to recite his oath to the country and subsequently him. As he does this, we see Yoshimi Onomoto in shrunken form jump from Jacky’s boot and crawl into the air ducts. She begins computer hacking as Jacky is asked to kill the two captured evil teen sidekicks that they’ve been working with.

Danger-Club-#5As far as what happens with the actually plot, it’s very cool, but there was just something about the pacing and dialog that didn’t strike me. I really enjoy the fact that the story is only getting darker and darker as the sidekicks are left to save the world from a retired hero with delusions of grandeur. Walker has done a fine job of telling a superhero story that has no chance of being all flowers and candy at the end, it’s gritty and disturbed and perhaps reflects real life in that way. The last three pages are awesome and practically make up for the slow pace of the rest of the issue.

The art and coloring have always been a major drawl for this series and even though it moves slowly, the art is still gorgeous. The coloring didn’t look as vibrant as past issues, but it was still incredible and gives the series a distinct look. The panel with Kid Vigilante getting his brains blown out from a different angle is both disturbing and gorgeous. Part of you doesn’t want to stare at it, while the rest of you basks in its glory on the page. What’s always been a strong parallel for this series is the bright coloring and clean art, paired with the gore and violence. It continues in this issue and really makes a statement about the superhero genre in my opinion.

I really hope that people don’t miss out on this series. It’s a shame that it’s been delayed, but that doesn’t mean that it’s diminished in quality or value. I’m not sure if this delay had anything to do with the previous delay involving the colorist’s family, but hopefully it was just a matter of getting back on Image’s schedule. I’ll be looking forward to what I can only assume is the sixth and final issue of the series and would highly recommend that you get caught up on this beautiful title.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Landry Q. Walker Artist: Eric Jones Colorist: Michael “Rusty” Drake Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/17/13