Review: Danger Club #6

There is only one thing to say about the return of Danger Club… it’s one of the prettiest books on the market. It’s been a long journey for the creators to get here and frankly I’m not going to go into it with this review. To cut to the chase this book was worth the wait and if you feel differently then that’s okay, but the rest of us are going to enjoy one hell of a return. To recap, Kid Vigilante was shot in the head by Jack Fearless in the last issue which was the swerve of the year. The last issue just left us there to think about how Kid Vigilante, the ultimate tactician was going to get out of… well death.

Let me just tell you though… it’s all going according to plan. Basically there are spoilers ahead.

Kid Vigilante wakes up in the realm of the gods. Apollo has asked the others to bring him to their afterlife in order to extract his revenge upon him. Not only does Kid Vigilante not flinch, but he picks up a sword and goes to town on Cerberus. This battle is pretty quick, but it’s spread throughout a flashback of the past which works incredibly well because the gods are accessing KV’s memories.

Danger-Club-#6-1-28-15In the flashback we meet KD’s father and find out what exactly KD was asked to do and why his brother was the first choice for the mission. Let’s just say that it captures the father/son relationship pretty accurately, no capes necessary.

This is a huge issue for the plot, but then each issue has felt like the most important issue of the series when it’s released. I mean how do you top a head shot to the main character at the end of an issue? Well you do exactly what this issue did and show that KV has everything under control. He had the swerve that caused his death planned and the very place he would appear after death.

The role of “master tactician” is a role that comics love to play with, but it’s rarely used correctly and even rarer is it used believably. I believe in Kid Vigilante because writer Landry Q. Walker has me convinced that he has a plan for literally everything. Will it work out in his favor in the end? We’ll have to keep reading.

The art team of Eric Jones and Michael Drake is fan-fucking-tastic. Jones’ art is detailed and he manages to make the sidekicks look like kids which is something that the medium has struggled with in the years after the inception of the role. Jones’ art is great, but Drake’s coloring is what brings it all home. It’s what makes this comic look different from any other superhero title and really any title on the market. Their combination blows any other superhero title out of the water.

I don’t know when the next issue of Danger Club will come out and there’s currently nothing on Image’s site to suggest that it will be next month or even the one after. While I wish that wasn’t the case, this issue definitely proved that this is a title worth waiting for. The creative team treats each issue like the most important issue in the series and that makes for one hell of a read.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Landry Q. Walker Artist: Eric Jones Colorist: Michael Drake Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/28/15 Format: Print/Digital

Update: Image was kind enough to let me know the shipping dates for the next two issues of Danger Club.

DANGER CLUB #7's release date is Feb. 25, 2015 and DANGER CLUB #8's release date is March 25th, 2015.