Review: Danger Girl - Trinity #1

I opened this comic and saw Abbey Chase being chased by pirates and throwing it down with an eye patch wearing monkey and I knew this is the comic for me. You should definitely get into some Danger Girl. I had never read any, so I thought I would give this comic a try. I am a big James Bond fan and Charlie Angel’s (the TV show not that those poorly made movies) and trying my interest at some more secret agent shit seemed like a good idea. I think every person on the planet has wanted to be a secret agent. The deception, the gadgets, and the destinations prove to be a no brainer. I mean who doesn’t want an excuse to lie.

After Abbey knocks out the monkey she gets away with her stolen jeweled necklace. Unfortunately the ship blows up and she has nowhere to go. Omar, who is a deputy to some prince, rescues Abbey but he does it by gunpoint. Clearly he wants something from her. We then meet up with Sydney Savage. I love that name. She is sleeping with some random dude who she can’t quite remember if his name is Ryan or Bryan. She must be the sleazy agent, which is usually everyone’s favorite, meaning she will be mine. Sydney gets called in by Deuce, the girls’ leader. Deuce really? Terrible name. “Hey Abbey I gotta go talk to Deuce.”

“Gross, I don’t care about your bowel movements.”

“I said talk not take.”

“Whatever.” It all gets confusing.

Deuce tells her that Abbey may have been abducted and she worries that if Abbey has been abducted it won’t be long before she gets found. Sydney almost immediately after this statement is faced with a man ready to take her down. She manages to swing kick him the jaw, cut off his ear, and throw him out a 10 story window give or take a few. Sydney is on her way now to save her sister, Sonya. Sonya is the middle of The Congo fighting off the locals. She has abducted a man, Dallas, for unknown reasons. Dallas, knowing the jungle, asks Sonya to untie him so they can both escape the locals after them. Sonya does only to run into a dead end cliff. Dallas gets shot by a tranquilizer and falls off the cliff and Sonya decides to follow…tits first.

I really enjoyed this comic. It is action packed. Boredom seemed to leave me entirely when reading through the whole comic, which is tough to do, considering how many comics I read.  Now I must go and strap my water gun to my thigh and walk around my apartment like I am being stalked till my secret agent fantasy dissipates.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell

Artists: John Royle, Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Molnar

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13