Review: D&D: Forgotten Realms – Cutter #1

This comic is fast and dirty and gets in and out so quickly that you’ll think you missed something, but you didn’t. Also I don’t mean that about the art though, in fact the art was gorgeous and definitely the best I’ve ever seen on a Dungeons & Dragons series. I’m not too familiar with the “Forgotten Realms” series or history, but I really enjoyed Cutter and will be checking out the next issue for sure.

The issue begins with a brother and sister elf out in the middle of a field about to do battle. The sister Doum’Wielle is meditating before the battle while her brother Teirflin impatiently stands waiting for her. She stands up and draws her sword asking her brother if he is in fact ready. They begin battling and as it rages on we find their father standing on the edge of the forest watching and talking to his sword “Cutter” about the fight. It’s actually the sword that they are fighting for as their father has grown too old to wield the sentient weapon. Just as Doum is about to strike down Teirflin she uses magic to stop him. It’s actually against the rules of the duel, but her father declares her the victor. Cutter feels robbed by the lack of death and begins talking to Teirflin telling him to patient.

As I said the story is very fast as there is a ton of action to fill the pages. There are two fights between the siblings to enjoy, but the narration and dialog is very supportive of both scenes and keep it from having an empty feeling. Cutter may in fact be an evil fucking sword and his manipulation in this issue definitely calls that into question, but we’ll have to see where it leads in the story and if anyone is strong enough to wield the sword or be wielded by it. The fact that an inanimate object has a personality is very telling of the quality of the writing.

My god the art is fantastic. This book is gorgeous from the first page to the last. It literally sold me on the entire issue it was that beautiful looking. Other than the clean line work, the coloring is what steals the show as it was very vibrant. The coloring breathes life into the entire project and is one step away from being animated it so detailed. In fact the battles are so fluid that if you moved your eyes fast enough it might even look as if it were alive and moving.

I’ve dabbled with the Dungeons & Dragons comics before, but this is definitely the most interesting one I’ve read thus far. I hope that it continues with this same quality, pacing and art design as this issue, because it will definitely make or break the rest of the series. Right now I want to say that I’ll finish it no matter what, but with the open ended ending that this issue has makes it hard to blindly support the entire release; for sure though I will be back for the second issue and highly recommend fantasy lovers to check it out as well.

Score: 4/5

Writer: R.A. Salvatore & Geno Salvatore

Artist: David Baldeon

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/10/13