Review: Deadly Class #11

Question….How hardcore disgusting is Fuckface (whom I will refer to as FF) and his drug addled family? Answer… You don’t want to know.

These are some seriously sick people at play. And Mr. Marcus with his gang of misfit assassins are right in the thick of things as they are taking the battle to nasty old FF and his peeps. How this battle plays out is at the crux of Issue #11 of writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig’s ode to teen angst, life in the 1980s, and murderous desires.

Fuckface and his nasty brood may be at the crux.  But also rearing its head into the mix similar to a couple of issues back and obviously a focal point of this story arc, Remender is bringing the story of Maria to the forefront.  The earlier issue focused on Maria’s past, where as this one focuses on the present, and the past some too.

You see, Marcus and Saya (Maria’s BFF) had a little “thing” and the repercussions are starting to come into the forefront.  We have some deep emotional issues at play. When you put these deep emotional issues at play while the assault on Fuckface’s lair is at its maximum velocity, then, well, let’s just say that it makes for some serious intensity in all corners of the issue and really puts friendship, love, and life on the line. It all leads to an acceptable conclusion that will have to do for a couple of months as this title won’t make its return until April.

Deadly-Class-#11-2-18-15That being said, I loved the cliffhanger.  It’s going to be a long wait, no doubt about it. There are some openings that are given, but like the master writer he is, Remender will let those wait and stew a bit with only the thought (and piggy images) to resonate in our heads.

Both from a story and art perspective, this is one brutal issue, bloody brutal issue. Remender’s words in some spots are painful, like emotional spikes stabbing into the reader interspersed with some interesting dialogue tandems of the funny and psychotic  variety. Fuckface and his folks are some seriously deranged trailer trash. We do receive some answers to certain mysteries down in the basement of FF’s lair and from FF himself. But it does look like more is on the way once the wait is over. We will just have to see.

As for Craig, all I have to say is pitchfork through the face.  That explains the art here.  Pitchfork through the face, several times. Like I said, it is brutal, but works well as we also view lots of shed tears between Marcus and Maria.  It plays and presents as a draining issue that will leave you pretty worn out in the end.

Deadly Class has continued to be a series that I enjoy quite a bit as I grew up in this era and it resonates with me on that level.  I have not been blown away by every issue.  But more so than not, Remender and Craig bring the pyrotechnics when they need to and have crafted an interesting tale filled with mystery, murder, awkwardness, and deep inner perspective that allows you to recognize that just because you may look like a bad ass, that actually, you are not.  You are just like the rest of us, doubting our abilities and questioning our moves after they are done.  It is a very realistic perspective from a very fantastical tale. Issue #11 does not break any new ground (only faces), but it certainly doesn’t lose any either. It is a strong issue that is on par for a continued good run.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Wes Craig Colorist: Lee Loughridge Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital