Review: Rumble #3

Rumble is an intriguing comic. It mixes the reality with supernatural events to make the comic come to life. I’ll just jump right into this week’s story. I thought it lacked something. I couldn’t tell at the beginning of issue what that exactly was but then when Del and Bobby entered back into the story, I realized that I missed them. Instead, for most of the issue we follow Rathraq. That big dude with the sword that has been very quiet yet deadly so far. I found it odd that he just all of sudden decided to tell his whole story to Bobby and Del. It seemed out of character. We learn a lot about him and his dark past. Although the story wasn’t boring; it had blood and guts mixed with power drama, it was just simple. Honestly with all the complex names and new world being introduced, as the reader, you really don’t understand everything that is going on. So instead we get thrown a typical hero story. The comic makes a jab at it being a typical good vs. evil story. I now find myself frustrated with this comic. It seems like the story is becoming something very familiar. When you throw the readers these devilish monsters that are searching for a sword from a different world, you would expect a bigger story to come out of it. Now it is a waiting game to see if the comic will jump back to being something different or if it will fall into the same thing.

Rumble-#3-2-18-15The comic has a lot of good stuff about it, so I am hopeful it can throw us something better soon. I think one way is to give us more Bobby and his best bud Del. I love these two and they crack me up. Bobby has the sarcastic glass half empty attitude and then Del is the complete opposite. They are just two poor dudes happy to be making it. I think, especially Bobby, that these guys are the stars. Rathraq is good, but he isn’t why I keep reading Rumble.

Then I just love James Harren’s art. He brings a lot of rawness to the comic. The characters aren’t dolled up and nothing is held back with the monsters. I find myself just flipping back through to see Bobby and Del react to everything. The comic has this dark humor, so Harren captures that with his creepy monsters but then adding in those embarrassing over the top expressions that the characters deserve.

I haven’t given up on Rumble, I really do think that Arcudi and Harren will bring this comic back to a good place for me. This issue just felt so different. But if we can get to a better story with this fantastic characters, I will be back every single time.

Score: 2/5

Writer: John Arcudi Artist: James Harren Colorist: Dave Stewart Publisher: Image Comics Price: 3.50 Release Date: 2/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital