Review: Deadskins! #4

Deadskins returns in the best possible way… it’s better than the last issue. I liked the last issue, but it was definitely a dip from what’s become expected of the series. This issue though was a return to form in my opinion. It had humor, heart and the continuation of the strangest love story ever told in comics… or just ever. The issue begins with a recap of how nuts General Custer is. In the comic he’s a little person and narrates his memoirs to a dude he has follow him around. This means he talks in the third person and he’s very funny and annoying when he does this. He’s narrating to Shane’s love… who’s pregnant with his child by the by.

After this opening scene we check in with Shane and the special squad that’s wearing dynamite vests. They’re being held at gunpoint by the town’s women folk who are the only ones left there. They make the men strip down to their underwear and you can totally see Boston’s boner. I laughed a lot because when have you ever seen a boner in a comic book? The groups rumble for a bit until Shane’s words about being a virgin and saving himself for someone special entice the women to use their captives for other purposes.

What follows is several panels from the kid’s perspective as he looks through the keyhole into the different rooms. Let’s just say that whatever sexiness you’re picturing doesn’t happen. What does happen is more of the comedy I’ve come to expect from the series. This might be the funniest scene of the issue or at least tied for first.

Deadskins #4-1 copy 2This issue had a great balance of humor, heart and action. Even with that balance though, the humor shines. There were so many funny moments that it was hard not to laugh or at least smile while reading the issue; in particular when the dynamite vest wearing group is asked three questions before being allowed to cross the river. Clay Adams and Alexandre Philippe knock this issue out of the park. The pacing is spot on and this issue not only made me want to read more, but it made me want to re-read the previous issues as well.

(Be sure to check out or podcast with Clay and Alexandre, which is posted at the very bottom)

With the last issue I felt like the art was a bit rushed, but this issue Leila Del Duca returns to form… or her art just shines brighter with the story. Whatever the case, Del Duca’s art is spot on. The key hole was funny and her artwork brought that to life. Also I’m glad that we don’t actually see any nudity man or woman. Not that I would complain about the latter, but if it mean that I would have to see the former I’d rather not. These are not pretty men… especially the blind drunk.

I know that Deadskins is a series that people will either love or hate and that’s okay. It’s better to have people all in or all out in my opinion because the people who do enjoy it will be rabid for it. I’m rabid and can’t wait to see what happens next. If you haven’t checked this series out yet then grab the back issues which are only available in digital format on For four bucks you can catch up on the entire series and you should.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Clay Adams, Alexandre Philippe Artist: Leila Del Duca Publisher: Fried Comics Price: $0.99 Release Date: 6/3/14 Format: Mini-Series, Digital