Review: Deadworld: Restoration #3

I’ve been really looking forward to reading Deadworld: Restoration every month.  So much so in fact that I wish that Deadworld got turned back into an ongoing series, but I trust Gary Reed’s plan for the series and how he chooses to convey it. Things keep moving right along in this third installment in the grim existence that is the Deadworld universe.  One of the Marauders who was dying last issue passes away in the early pages.  One of his companions (I believe his name is Joey, but I could be wrong) claims that he deserved to die as he cuts off his head and throws it into a pit with other victims of decapitation.  He is now on a quest to find his brother since they got separated.  Marah tells him, the Dead Killer, and a few others to come with her because she claims the Lepers have the best information around.

Meanwhile, Bowker gets back to the boss Moloch’s place and they recap what’s happened since they have seen each other last.  This was a great point that recapped everything; I think even if you haven’t read the series before you could hop in on this issue and still have a grasp for what’s going on.  After reading some of the back issues of previous story arcs, I can say that Gary Reed does a great job at advancing the story while still making it easy for readers to jump in.  Bowker gets Moloch up to speed about Queen Zombie/Donna and how she could be the next piece in the puzzle to get out of their living hell.  The girl she claims to be her daughter is also with people from Safe Haven, so Moloch makes it his objective to bring them back to him.  Bowker stays behind to get some rest, but is paid a visit by Reyna, Moloch’s girlfriend.

DWResto03-coverNow, Bowker and Moloch had a bit of a rivalry previously because of Reyna as hinted at by Moloch.  So the fact that they’re secretly seeing each other again could prove to be a problem for all parties involved.  Reyna says that she is only with Bowker because she had to be in order to survive without Bowker there (kind of like the whole Shane/Rick situation in the beginning of The Walking Dead…sorry, I had to mention it’s usually the other way around as to whose coincidences are whose).  We get the first real taste of human emotion in the book when Bowker is alone in the room telling himself that Reyna is the only reason he’s still going in this world.  But he said himself; beds and other comforts can make a man weak.  And lastly, towards the end, we really get to see some action as King Zombie and his Grakken decide to pay Marah and crew a visit.

I’m becoming more and more of a fan of Sami Makkonen’s artwork every time I see it.  After reading so many comic books each month, it’s always nice to see something that you’re not going to get anywhere else.  I’ve already described it as best I can, but in this issue with the action at the end, I really felt the artwork helped to give the situation a dire, frantic feel and helped elevate the suspense even more.

There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about this issue, so I won’t.  Go buy it.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Gary Reed Artist: Sami Makkonen Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/5/14