Review: Death Rattler #1

Death Rattler isn’t the most original story idea. It doesn’t have the most original setting and even the lead character isn’t that original. But there is something about it that I enjoyed. Maybe it’s the combination of the parts that makes it an entertaining read or the fact that it’s a bit of a throwback to 90s comics “bad girls” style of storytelling. The issue begins with a flashback explaining our character’s origin. Basically our main character’s father used to run with a pretty bad gang and the leader came one day to kill him for leaving the gang. Flash forward to the present and we’re clearly in a cyberpunk western future. Our main character is known as Death Rattler because of how she kills her victims. She also only kills members of the gang that killed her father as she attempts to make her way up the ladder and of course avenge her father’s murder.

Death-Rattler-#1-1You can probably figure out the familiar elements of the story, but what does make it entertaining is the dialogue and the pickles that our main character gets herself into. That and I have no idea why she would sleep with anyone from the gang she’s trying to kill, but hey… everyone needs to get off once and a while. Why not with someone you’re about to kill? The writing is good. Like I said, there’s a lot of familiar elements, but the combination of them works. DR doesn’t have much depth at the moment, but she’s entertaining and sexy as hell so it’s okay for the first issue. You don’t really get to know anyone with a first issue anyway.

The art is good. If this was the 90s it would be fantastic. People would be shitting their pants for it. Nowadays, the popular style is different, but I still find the art here to be enjoyable. Sure she’s got boobs for days and she’s naked more than necessary, but it wasn’t so gratuitous that it was bad. It was just fan service. I don’t know why American comics books aren’t allowed to have some fan service, I mean if Japan can support it as a subgenre then I’m sure we can as an industry as well. What I’m saying is that there’s a place and market for it. It doesn’t need to be the entire market, but it can exist within.

The art is good and sexy. The coloring elevates it and is really well done in my opinion. It helps with the tone and style of the overall series. The lighting effects are a little overdone at times, but it gives it a style and personally I liked it.

Like most comics, Death Rattler isn’t for everyone. Let’s not pretend that there’s a comic out there that is for everyone because that’s just the nature of the beast. But if you’re looking for an entertaining story with a sexy anti-hero that is in control of her life and story, then check out Death Rattler. It may just surprise you.

Score: 3/5

Death Rattler #1 (of 4) Writer: Kelly Bender Artist: Ryan Downing Colorist: Alan Bay Publisher: Markosia Price: $3.99 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital