Review: Death Sentence #3

This is definitely an important issue to the series; there are a few reveals and something pretty damn crazy pops off which has huge consequences for the series/world. I liked it, but I don’t know if I liked it more than the past two issues. We’re kind of settling in now and as such things become less surprising as they have a tendency to do with any high-octane story. The previous two issues definitely focused on Verity and Weasel more than Monty, who takes the forefront in this issue. We’re actually given his back story seeing him as a child and his relationship with his mother. We learn that he’s a stand-up comedian which is kind of weird, but he’s obtained rock star status which of course makes everything boring; even having sex with a woman while dunking her head in a used toilet. Yeah boring. His story progresses the most in the issue, but it’s pretty nutty so I’m going to drop him off here.

We check in with Verity of course who is a bit of a fan favorite being the only female main character. Last we saw her; an older woman was welcoming her to an island. This issue it’s explained to her that the woman works for the government and Verity is led inside a secret facility so that they can study her and try to create a cure rather than have the population continue to accept a death sentence for strange powers.

We also see what Weasel’s been up to since going on the lam and it’s about what you’d expect. His big moment comes as he visits his son and has a heartfelt interaction. It’ll actually make you like his character for once.

DeathSentence3_CoverI guess the thing I’m starting to notice a lot more in this is that we’re still not given any reason to like the characters. Due to the way it was introduced it seemed as if these three character’s lives were going to be connected, but now I’m thinking Monty is going to be the first super villain and that Verity and Weasel may end up being the two to stop him. I mean maybe they could still just end up together at the facility.

The thing is I dig the characters, but I don’t like them. I don’t want to share a meal and talk about common interests, I just want to see how fucked up their lives can get. Don’t get me wrong that can continue to make for a fine story, but part of me wants to like them or at least one of them. It’s a good issue because it’s bold as fuck and Nero takes some chances that a lot of other creators wouldn’t be willing to. It earns my respect for that.

Does the art suck this issue? Hell no it doesn’t suck. Of course the art continues to kick total ass. There was only one panel that I had an issue with and it was when Verity was heading down into the secret base. The angle of the reveal looks strange. I get what Mike Dowling was going for, but I don’t think it quite worked. Otherwise there is a ton of action in this issue and overall great action sequences. I mentioned high-octane right? Yeah Downing’s art is the definition.

This is still one of my favorite series to premiere this year. As we get near the end of 2013 you start to think about all the issues you read and overall I don’t think 2013 has been as strong as 2012, but Death Sentence has been a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull year. This is a series you don’t want to miss out on.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Monty Nero Artist: Mike Dowling Publisher: Titan Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/11/13