Review: Dinosaurs Attack! #5

If you don’t understand the concept of this comic, let me explain.  Dinosaurs Attack! is much like Mars Attacks.  Instead of Martians, we get dinosaurs. Violent, nasty dinosaurs.  And there’s also a little of a horror/science fiction element to it with some alien/interdimensional invaders sending the dinos to wreck humanity.  When the opening line of issue #5 is “Rawr”, you know you have a great read on your hands. Yes, this comic is everything you wanted from a Jurassic Park movie but never got due to budgetary restraints.  In this comic, dinosaurs rumble down streets, corridors, and other modern domiciles.  In the end, you may just root for the dinosaurs.  I know I did.

DinosAttack_05-pr_Page_1Helen and Dr. Elias have a rough time in their relationship because the telekinetic woman realizes her scientist lover is the cause of the dinostruction.  Copyright that word for me, please.  I want a dollar every time someone uses it.  Anyways, the smoochie stuff goes by fast, and the dinos go right back to stomping.

Herb Trimpe’s artwork, gorgeous and painted in tones that revive 60s and 70s apocalyptic comics, gives great justice to the dinosaurs.

Gary Gerani’s writing brings a great balance of dinosaur mayhem and scientific plight.  Although this issue wraps up the story, maybe there’s hope that the Dinosaurs will find some other way to Attack!

Score: 4/5

Writer: Gary Gerani Artist: Herb Trimpe Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/4/13