Review: Ehmm Theory #4

Okay since last month I couldn’t reveal anything about #3, let’s talk about it for a second. Three really added some key elements into the story. One and two were action packed getting into the swing of things, which was an explosion in itself. Three really opened the doors to what Ehmm Theory will be all about. Gabe’s father is alive. Yep, good ole’ Aaron is kicking it in some shitty apartment. Gabe is pretty surprised by his dad’s appearance, not so much the fact that this man can rock a sweet ass mullet (not many can). I mean seriously this man is representing a father, a scientist with a key to dimensional travel, and now has a rad haircut… come on. Anyway, we also find out that Gabe’s ex-gf is Mindwolf of G.O.D.D. This means that she staged Gabe’s death on purpose, but for what purpose? Maybe Gabe was the only one who could find Aaron, so then Dominika can get her hands on him. Whatever it is the teams are starting to build up against each other; Gabe, Whispers, Alyona, Aaron, and Tym. Versus G.O.D.D., Saint Peter, Dominika, and all her creatures who try to stop the good guys. We have tons of characters going on, but I never get confused. I love every character, and think this comic can really capture each personality without losing someone along the way. I hate seeing so many new faces, changing sides all the time, and never knowing what the hell is going on. Ehmm Theory doesn’t  jump scenes a lot; staying on Gabe pretty much the whole time, so that always gives the reader a base to start. I also love being with Gabe, because he is with Tym and Mr. Whispers. These two bounce off each line like ping-pong balls. There lines will add nothing to the story, but at the same time they are everything about the story I love.

Ehmm Theory 4-1Now that we have our teams, it is a matter of Gabe’s group getting back home. Remember Gabe is in another dimension. Earth is long gone. Obviously, Gabe will also be trying to reconnect with his father. He has lost many years, and it is time to see what Aaron is all about. The family history will be a key component when dealing with Dominika. I am interested to see her ultimate goal. The comic has lots of background knowledge to give, so I feel like this will take most of the next couple of issues. As you know, I love background stories.

All and all this issue is probably the most “boring” out of the four. If you can call a bear having tentacles, travelling through different dimensions, and mullets boring, but yeah I think it was a change of pace. For only having four issues out, I think audiences can really settle into Ehmm Theory now. The expectations are high for these guys to always deliver punch, so if they can keep that up the reader will be ready.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Brockton McKinney Artist: Larkin Ford Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/4/13