Review: Disunity #1 & 2

Disunity has an interesting premise. It’s just that it spends more time reminding you of that premise than moving the plot forward. The general idea, or at least the general idea I got from it, was that a Disunity-#1-1scientist figured out there were parallel earths, but when he tried to open a portal to one he instead made the two worlds collapse into one. Now he’s trying to stop further collapses as the event continues on its own slamming new earths into what you could call an earth prime. Our main character John, the scientist that caused everything, also suffers from a side-effect of the experiment… he can’t be killed. He runs a group that is trying to stop the collapses/phases and they’re put onto a mystery by an old college. The mystery is that someone can seemingly phase through earths and can potentially stop the phases.

It’s an okay story. The main character is decent, but he narrates about his past a lot. His feelings and thoughts on any given subject and it’s kind of overkill. He’s like you’re talkative relative that you just want to go away while you finish your food. The supporting cast is hollow. There’s no depth to them and we don’t spend any real time with them to even consider them a supporting cast. There’s some attempts at humor, but they felt like borrowed jokes more than original material.

The artwork is the best part. There’s a lot of interesting character designs, a few uninspired ones, but overall a good balance of Disunity-#2-1human and alien. The backgrounds and settings are all rich and full make the world feel alive and populated. The action isn’t bad at all and there’s a decent flow to everything. The coloring has a faded look to it which is a strange fit. It’s not bad, but it’s almost trying to give the world a used look which ends up giving it more of a dull look.

The premise is a bit interesting, but in the world of comics it’s not anything that new. Frankly, Grant Morrison has burnt out the comic community on parallel earths and so it’s kind of a subject that makes you tired just thinking about it. It’s close to being good, but for now it’s just okay. It needs to find that hook to really grab your interest because after reading the first two issues I don’t know if I would chase down the next issue. If you threw it on my lap, maybe, but it didn’t feel different or interesting enough to really hold my attention or give me a desire to read more.

Score: 2/5

Disunity #1 & 2 Writers: Rem Fields & Ron Batchelor Artist: Ron Batchelor Publisher: Blotch Comics Price: $1.99 Format: Digital