Review: Drifter #5

JULY! Ugh… actually my first thought when I read that Drifter wouldn’t be returning until July was “Fuck me that’s a ways off.” Now I’m actually okay with it because if I’m honest there’s no way I won’t be back for the sixth issue. You’ll get what I mean when you read Drifter #5 another issue in which jack shit happens, but then everything happens. Everything. Okay “jack shit” is a bit extreme. There are a few things that actually happen and they’re pretty important, but in terms of the story and plot moving forward it’s a fraction of a moment. That’s the crazy thing about how damn good Drifter is, it moves at a snail’s pace and yet it’s amazing because of it. The only other series that’s moved at a slower pace that I enjoyed was the earlier arcs of Saga, but then it did that whole “jump ahead in time” between arcs thing and after a few times that wore on me. Drifter could do the same, but it’s still so new and fresh that I doubt I would bat an eye. That and if you asked me to only buy one issue, either Saga or Drifter, I would pick Drifter.

Let me say that again. I would pick Drifter over Saga.

This story excites me. These characters, though I hardly know them, feel real. The husband and wife from issue three are back and their relationship is so endearing and real. They don’t even talk about his hands she just feeds him and is oh so loving and nurturing. I know these characters. I have meet these characters in real life and while this version of them is 2-D and on a different world, I know them. That’s how fucking real they feel. The entire town is that way.

Drifter-#5Part of what makes it easy to latch on to these characters is the same reason Pollux does, they’re all strangers stuck there and they have to get along. In a way it brings out the best in them all for some strange reason. It works.

And Pollux… character of the year. Seriously I wish the dude were real so I could hang with him. That’s a good character when you actually would want to hang out with them. I know he wouldn’t because he’s going through some shit at the moment, but I would after he got through that shit.

Is the question between Pollux and Emmerich answered? You know the question, it’s why do these two fucking hate each other so much? I mean I get Pollux’s, Emmerich shot him, but then he also saved him. But what about Emmerich’s? Why are they hell-bent on hating each other? I don’t know and I kind of don’t need to know. I’m sure we’ll learn it at some point, but it’s not a question that keeps me up at night or keeps me away from this book.

The art is to die for. In this particular issue there’s this great device of showing Pollux on a different timeline than the other players in our story. The question is, is he behind or ahead? Did the events in town already happen or are they waiting to? The art doesn’t answer that question, but it definitely makes you wonder.

The parts of the art I really want to talk about is at the end. I don’t want to spoil the end so I won’t, but my God were the last few pages incredible. If I did any of that lame “panel of the week” crap this would be number one. Number one with a goddamn bullet.

The coloring is some of the best in comics. It shows that good coloring can elevate the simplest of stories, but great coloring can make them instant classics. Drifter is an instant classic in my opinion. It’s the new safe answer. It’s the book you’ll see on new series when they say, “If you liked Drifter, you’ll like…” That’s how good this series is.

And with that I’ll end by saying July is too damn far away.

Score: 5/5

Drifter #5 Writer: Ivan Brandon Artist: Nic Klein Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 3/25/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital