Review: Drunk Date

[su_quote]Synopsis: It’s exactly what the title says, a date between two people that great really drunk or shitfaced if you prefer.[/su_quote] People that know me outside the digital world know that I don’t drink or anything else within that realm. It makes stories about drinking and drugs incredibly difficult for me to enjoy because there has to be something more to the story than “hey, isn’t it so like this?” If that’s the lynchpin of story, then you don’t have a story.

I didn’t have a problem with Drunk Date, because in a strange way it’s just a scene from someone’s life. It’s a story you’d hear from a friend and as unbelievable as it might be, you know that they’re only embellishing so much. The story is straightforward and simple as a man and woman go on a date and he discovers that while they have a lot of drinking in common, she might be too much for him to handle.

Drunk-Date-1The writing for the one-shot builds and builds through the issue. It starts off simple enough, but then writer Andrew Fielden manages to find the perfect beats for cranking up the craziness. All the while he maintains random dialogue running throughout the issue. And it’s not 100% random, it’s just that we’re not getting the entirety of their conversation because it’s not relevant to the overall story. It’s there for easy jokes if anything.

What carries the story is Jesse Davidge’s artwork. Davidge has a unique style that I rather enjoy. His characters all have serpent looking pupils which makes them stand out. He has a talent for illustrating disgusting scenes. I don’t want to spoil any of them, but they are gross and funny. Gross out humor doesn’t always work on me, but it did here.

Also, it’s worth mention that Darcy Dee’s greytones really make Davidge’s artwork pop. The artwork and book isn’t designed for Black & White and so it gives it a sense of what it would look like colored. It’s very impressive and I wish more indie comics would do something similar rather than leave pages that look uncolored.

There’s some interesting storytelling going on in Drunk Date.  Due to the nature of the storytelling, you really don’t need to read it twice, but I’m glad I read it once. It’s out there and strange, but it’s wonderfully different from anything else out there.

[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Drunk Date
Story: Andrew Fielden
Artist: Jesse Davidge
Greytones: Darcy Dee
Publisher: Blatant
Price: $1.99 CAD
Format: DIgital


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