Review: Ehmm Theory #1

This issue has the best three opening pages you’re likely to read all year. It has a midget zombie circus clown getting its head kicked in by the main character who then affirms how cool that is with his talking kitten. The entire interaction was funny and sold me on the rest of the book. Some of you are already asking how you can get a copy of Ehmm Theory from Action Lab Entertainment’s new Danger Zone imprint, but I read a review copy. You should ask your local comic shop to pre-order it for you so that you don’t miss out. I’ve basically told you how the story begins; from there we meet our main character Gabriel Ehmm as he lies dead against the wall with his brains blown out. Gabriel narrates for us that his girlfriend killed him three days ago. He was walking home when he stopped and picked up the cutest free kitten because he thought she would love it. When he got home his girlfriend confronted him about some sexy underwear that he swears he knows nothing about, but she’s quick to pull a gun on him and blow his brains out. Gabriel continues his narration explaining that he honestly never cheated on his girlfriend and that he’s mostly scared of women… I can only imagine why.

When he wakes up again the bullet to the head is gone and he’s sitting in heaven with his kitten who can now talk. They have a funny back and forth exchange until St. Peter interrupts them. SP is sitting in a chair smoking a cigar and wearing a three-piece suit. He tells him that they need his help and after some more hilarious back and forth Gabriel and his talking kitten Mr. Whiskers are sent back to earth to find Gabriel’s real dad, who is the key to his salvation.

Ehmm Theory 1The pacing for the story is perfect. I cannot stress enough just how perfect the flow of the story is and how well-balanced the comedy and serious moments are. Mr. Whisker’s is a great companion as he talks just like any guy friend would, “dudes” and all. I’m not a fan of stories that open with the ending, but Brockton McKinney makes it seamless and interesting. When we get back to our opening we’re actually given a different character’s prospective of the events to add intrigue. I absolutely loved the story and cannot wait to see where it goes in the next issue and what other elements it will add.

You’ve never seen a head explode until you’ve seen Larkin Ford’s illustration of it. The book obviously has gore, but it’s not so over the top or assaulting to the senses that you won’t be able to enjoy it. The zombie little people are hilarious and their deaths are stupid crazy. I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. Since a lot of it is physical humor I have to say that Ford does a great job with it. Additionally the facial expressions play a huge role in the comedy and once again Ford nails it.

I’m very impressed with this issue and although it had zombies and heaven, two of the most played out story types in comics, it was really good. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much reading a comic. The issue is scheduled for release at the end of May, but I’m definitely picking up a copy when it hits. Again, you need to pre-order this one and not assume that your local shop is going to magical know that it’s a hilarious book with tons of easy-going gore; and if you’re a shop owner then yeah order a copy for anyone that like zombies, little people and taking animals that act like your oldest friend in the world.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brockton McKinney

Artist: Larkin Ford

Publisher: Danger Zone and Action Lab Entertainment

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/12/13