Review: Empire: Uprising #3

Some lingering questions get answered in this month’s issue of Empire: Uprising. This issue focuses a lot on Golgoths ministers, the people who keep his empire running, though with his teleporter he seems to micro-manage a lot of things. One of his ministers is a guy called Tumbril, a slightly unhinged interrogator who tortures the information he wants out of people. Tumbril along with Lucullan long for the glory days when they were fighting the 'good guys' for world domination. They watch video footage of themselves on a movie screen while discussing the current climate. It's a good scene as we get some of the history without it feeling info-dump heavy. It lays in the groundwork for the Eucharist, a potion that imbues super-strength.

Empire03_cvrWe also learn more about some (as I'm sure he has a lot) of Golgoths hidden plans. One involving a laboratory where they are making some kind of biological monsters. For what purpose we have yet to see. We also get to see how the Eucharist is made, hint: It's dark.

I really enjoyed this issue as it gives a lot of different characters’ points of view. Because the ministers are doubting each other and, though they can't say it for fear of retribution, Golgoth, it spreads the seeds of doubt to the reader. Who do we trust in this story? is Golgoth going mad? what the heck are his secret experiments about? It is definitely building the story in the right direction. There's always the constant surveillance that monitors everyone’s actions except Golgoth of course, though this part was a little unclear, does he only not get recorded when he's alone, or do the conversations he has with people also get erased?

There are some fantastic visuals this month especially the movie that Tumbril and Lucullan watch. I really enjoy the effect on Golgoths teleportation, it fits really well. And the lettering in this comic is great, adding that little extra to the scenes that require it. Golgoths reversed text bubbles, black with white writing, is ever-present letting us know that he's not a good guy. With the way this issue ends I don't know if I should be rooting for him. He's a bad-ass, emphasis on the bad.

Score: 4/5

Empire: Uprising #3 Writer: Mark Waid and Barry Kitson Artist: Barry Kitson Colorist: Chris Sotomayor with Andrew Crossley Publisher: IDW Publishing/Thrillbent Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/24/15 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital