Review: Mythic #2

Written by guest contributor Lance Lambert

There’s nothing better than the connection with one’s local comic and the perks that come with a pull list. Surprisingly it’s not the 10% off, it’s the random comics that the comic guy throws in for you to check out.  That’s how I started Mythic and let’s say I considered it a win. The story was fun and captured me from the start and the art was no different.

Mythic #2 starts with a flight team for the Mythic Lore Services investigating a disturbance off a coastline. As for the disturbance, it is more like a pissed-off stone leviathan. We have no clue why he’s pissed, but there’s no chance when he smacks the helicopter right out of the sky.

Meanwhile, our main characters are dealing with the previous conflict, a drought in the Midwest.  Waterson has summoned his twin, Killer of Enemies. Yes, Killer of Enemies is his name, and don’t worry Nathan is just as surprised as you. As one would expect, a monster with such a glorious name isn’t the brightest.  Being that Killer is the closest thing to a jock in the monster world, when Waterson tells Killer that the local bruiser (the wind) has been talking shit, Killer must uphold his name. To top it off, Killer is no ordinary monster.  McCrea’s design just adds to the humor with Killers head being carried in his hands and flames bursting out where the head should be.

Mythic-#2-1The fight that ensues is hilarious. Of course, Killer’s shit talking isn’t much better than the quarter back of your high school football team, yet we all know its pulls good laughs.  In addition it works to bring the projected ending, the mountains and wind have some good ole elemental intercourse, bringing rain to the town. As the conflict comes to a close, the team learns of what happened on the coastline. The fight scene and humor are great and really move the comic.

However, the plot is bland. We really don’t learn much about any of the characters, even Nathan who seemed to be our protagonist. He is still just the former cell phone technician. It’s exciting only for a few pages then it no longer can stand on just action and humor.  The issue closes with us learning more of what happens to the monster at the start. A secret is at play and there are more hands involved than we knew before.  The reveal at the end hooks the reader but still doesn’t reel them in.

Humor is definitely the strength of this comic, but the writing seems to overlook some of the important narrative to keep readers involved.  McCrea’s designs for the monsters are eccentric and keep the comic fresh. I was really stoked on the first issue and that carried over to the second. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same this time around. Mythic #2 kept me laughing, but left me with nothing more.


Mythic #2 Writer: Phil Hester Artist: John McCrea Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/24/2015 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital