Review: Epic #3

Epic is just a fun series. It does high school very well and I know that’s a terrible sentence, but you get it. I mean this book really captures the mentality of a high school boy for better or worse. Because let’s be honest, high school boys are stupid. I can say that because I was a stupid high school boy. The opening story device is wearing a little thin on me for this series. We basically start at the end and then go to the true beginning afterwards. I forgot that initially and so I thought I had missed something in the last issue. The saving grace is that when we do get around to the same point in the story it’s usually the end of the comic.

Epic-#3In this issue not a lot happens. We don’t see our main character Epic get into and solve his problem within one issue and I was happy about it. Instead we see him as his alter ego Eric for most of the issue. Eric thinks he’s solved his “Epic” problems, if you’re unfamiliar with what Eric’s problem is, it’s that he loses his powers around the opposite sex. If that’s not just the ultimate metaphor for a high school boy then I don’t know what is. Eric’s solution? Get a girlfriend. Simple, yet brilliant.

That’s what I like about this story, its keeps it light. It’s not looking to dig into the inner workings of a high schooler with superpowers. I mean it is to a point, but really it’s just telling a simpler superhero story. One that’s not worried about property damage, illuminati and world ending events. Just weird villains trying to be bad and good guys trying to do good. It’s the classic battle of good versus evil and it works. I don’t ask it for more and it delivers on what it sets out to do.

The art elevates this story a lot. It’s honestly on par with any other superhero title being published by the big two. It’s very detailed and the coloring is bright for the most part. I does use a lot of shadowing that I don’t think it needs. If this book was just bright and beautiful I think the lighthearted nature of the story would be easier to pick up on, but it’s still a good looking book as is. There’s times though that the high schoolers look older than they should, but then most comics are far worse when it comes to this so a few off panels is nothing major.

I may not run to read Epic, but whenever it comes out I can’t help but check it out. I enjoy the hell out of this series. Its greatest strength is that it’s not trying to be dark and brooding. In fact it’s not trying to do anything like the big two. It’s not homaging them, it’s not stealing a beat from their current lineup. If anything it’s doing something that both companies have forgotten how to do… tell carefree stories about teen superheroes.

Score: 3/5

Epic #3 Writer: Tyler James Artist: Fico Ossio Publisher: ComixTribe Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/1/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital