Review: Escape From New York #6

Welcome back to another edition of “Man with eye-patch” (with a name remarkably similar to a movie character who also wears an eye-patch). Snake continues his Siberian journey, including taking the Trans-Siberian railway. There are mechanized troopers (exo-troops) and futuristic green acid guns. Escape-From-New-York-#6-1The dialogue is very stunted and expository. It's quite funny because they actually mention the writing rule 'show don't tell'. Yet they do an awful lot of telling instead of showing. It's weird that Snake is working for someone else, I know he does in the films, but he has to be forced into it. In this comic he's just going along with it, without any ulterior motive, which doesn't seem very Snake Plissken.

One thing this comic really lacks is any character that you feel affection for. Snake is supposed to be that person, but he is just a shell. You know he's going to make it through any bad situation, but not usually through being smart, just by being Snake. All of the other characters are just bystanders, with little to no impact.

I don't think I'll come back for another issue as this comic is not scratching the Escape from itch. I guess I'll just go watch the movie again.

Score: 1/5

Escape From New York #6 Writer: Christopher Sebela Artist: Diego Barreto Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/13/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital